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DNA on tape from attempted abduction matches Doshay, prosecutor says

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SAN DIEGO – The DNA of a man accused of attempting to kidnap a 7-year-old girl from an elementary school in Solana Beach matched a sample collected from packing tape recovered from the victim's face, a prosecutor said Thursday.

According to Deputy District Attorney Ryan Saunders, the San Diego County Crime Lab released details about the DNA testing of  evidence from the attempted abduction outside Skyline Elementary School on Santa Fe Drive on March 23.

"We did just get word from the Sheriff’s Crime Lab that the defendant’s DNA was in fact on the tape that was recovered from the little girl’s face," Saunders said.

Jack Doshay, son of an affluent San Diego businessman, was arrested on April 1 after he allegedly grabbed the girl, tried to wrap her with packing tape and take her to his vehicle. Investigators said the girl escaped his grip by kicking and screaming.

During the bail hearing Thursday, Saunders told the judge the family is not cooperating with law enforcement and Doshay should be considered a flight risk.

Judge William Gentry set Doshay's bail at $2.5 million and required him to be transported from jail to a psychiatric facility if he posted bail.  He also required the 22-year-old to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and surrender his passport.

According to legal documents, two days after the attempted kidnapping incident a local psychotherapist, identified as Dr. Altbello, received a call from Doshay’s father. He said the man told him he believed his son was responsible for the attempted abduction, and that he had tried something similar in the past and had discovered a search history on his son's computer for how to duct tape people.

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    • Parent in SB

      San Diego should boycott the Padres! Why support them if an owner is a dirt bag! The son is guilty.

  • Fred

    Since when does Phingst care how accurate an arrest warrant is? In the one he supervised as DA over for Cheri Lynn Dale in 1993, her affidavit declared she said she went to a homicide scene on 1-25-90. But she never said that. It said Cheri’s hair was compared to “hair from the clutched fists on the victim” on 6-26-92. It was not. It also said the results of that (impossible) comparison test were that a forensic Criminalist concluded that Cheri’s hair and the hair from the victim’s hand were “SIMILAR IN ALL RESPECT”. But the Criminalist was sent different hairs and even her conclusion for this key evidence was also falsified as she actually said “NO CONCLUSION COULD BE REACHED”. Ultimately, a DNA test proved Cheri’s hair was NOT in the victim’s hand, but the damage had already been done putting this weak case in gear. The fraudulent arrest warrant was swept under the carpet when a court appointed defense attorney failed to expose it to a judge and he excused the material misstatements as “honest proseucutorial mistakes” instead of continuing a Motion to Dismiss the case based on falsified evidence, outrageous governmental misconduct and perjury. The case went to trial and Cheri lost on a big old fabricated story with no evidence. Just misquotes, junk forensics and deliberate falsehoods. She’s now in her 20th year of incarceration on a 26 year to life conviction for a crime I know first hand she did not commit. I was with her that morning at home. Not saying Doshay isn’t guilty whatsoever. Just amuses me to see Phingst of all people defend him.

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