San Diego woman helps young ISIS rape victims

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SAN DIEGO – A San Diego woman returned from Iraq after being on the front line of the fight against ISIS.

“With freedom comes a responsibility to help others,” said Jacqueline Isaac of San Diego. “I wanted to see it for myself.”

It took Isaac 25 hours to get to northern Iraq from San Diego. Isaac, an Egyptian-American woman, got a firsthand look at the fight between the terrorists and the American-backed Kurdish Army known as the Peshmerga.

"I could hear the fire going back and forth," she said.

Isaac, a founder of the local non-profit Roads of Success, met with dozens of girls rescued from the hands of ISIS.

“The stories are unbelievable. You hear about the girls getting raped every day, getting exchanged where one man would buy a girl, another would do the same and just switch off,” she said.

Some of the victims were as young as 5-years-old.

One of Isaac's main goals while in Iraq was delivering donations from San Diegans. She said the simplest donation of a toy brought joy to some young children.

Isaac is planning another trip to deliver donations including blankets, clothes and toys for the thousands of religious minorities still displaced after being forced out of their homes by terrorists.

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  • bob pearl

    its nice to hear that someone has gone over there to maybe help but if we don’t rescue them and get them out of there whats the point? and we are supporting a group there and its still going on. we need to send a special ops group to just get rid of this terrible group and be done with it. are the republicans once again standing in our way again? if they have killed americans then it is an act of war,why are we so soft on some things and bitch and gripe over here and do nothing.
    if i had the money and it was someone i knew, i get my own mercenaries and go there with or without the govt ok as right now they seem kind of way too laid back on this and i don’t think its obama’s fault.its the lousy system we have.

  • Baby Boomer66

    Hey, Bob, it was the Democrats( Obama) that pulled the troops out before the war was won. Stop blaming the Republicans for the Democrats short-comings. Obama has never had any military or foreign policy experience. Hell, for that matter, he hadn’t had any serious political experience before he was elected. He still can’t lead….he incites racial division, but he can’t even lead a horse to water.

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