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Woman gets $200 ticket for putting on Chapstick at a red light

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LAS VEGAS – A Nevada woman recently got in trouble with a state trooper for driving while using Chapstick.

On the morning of April Fools’ Day, Stephanie Fragoso was at a red light when she was pulled over and cited.

“He said, ‘putting on makeup,’ and I told him it was Chapstick,” Fragoso said.

When she got the ticket, she thought it was a joke.

“He said it could have been anything; you could have been drinking water, shaving your legs,” Fragoso said.

The citation was $200 plus points against her driving record.

“I just wish I would have known about it,” she said.

It’s a city and county ordinance State Trooper Loy Hixson said most people don’t know about.

“It states that when a person is operating a vehicle that they must provide full attention to the driving so as not to render that action to be unsafe,” he said.

In other words, you can get a ticket for anything that takes your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. It’s one of many distracted driving tickets police statewide are writing more of. So don’t just think about electronic devices like cell phones anymore.

“They may be eating. I have seen men that are actually shaving with their electric razors and at one time, I was actually driving down the 95 and a lady had her iPad velcroed to her steering wheel and she’s watching a movie,” Hixson said. “It may be something that a person may be having a medical condition or episode of some type and we’re not gonna obviously issue a citation.”

Each ticket is issued on a case-by-case basis. In this case, it’s a hard lesson Fragoso never wants to learn again.

“Sometimes I drive with my hands down here and now I feel like they’re up here; just a lot more conscious,” she said.

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  • Stephen

    This is totally ridiculous. I guess the county must be broke and looking for a way to scam the people. Or maybe this cop was just a jerk? You decide.

    • John J. Jones

      Many of us consider the jerks to be those driving while talking on a phone, texting while driving, putting on makeup while driving, etc. If you’re in the car, concentrate on driving. If you want to do something else, pull over and do it, just not while you’re driving.

      • Stokely

        Oh shut the fuck up John. She was putting on some chapstick stopped at a red light so stop being so melodramatic. That’s a huge difference than somebody texting while driving. Unless you have been an impeccable driver at ALL TIMES, please just shut the fuck up because nobody drives perfectly all the time whether it’s changing the radio station or even changing driving gears (technically that should qualify as much distracted driving as chapstick would). The hypocrisy and scam of public servants are in full gear, this is all a tactic to generate public revenue not to serve the safety interests of their citizens.

  • zooble

    I have kids. They are very distracting when I am driving. Are the police going to start ticketing for driving with them in the car? This is utterly ridiculous and so open to interpretation, it is just asking for abuse and lawsuits.

      • Frank

        I’m just going to guess you don’t have kids, John. Toddlers in the back will ask questions, start crying, so many different things. On long road trips they may need a snack or a toy and demand you pull over to help them. It’s not that they’re not strapped down. I doubt they’re waving their hands in front of the drivers face.

  • Ed

    They are broke. Working people pay for city services, we have jobs and credit. You don’t pay, your ruined. Politicians make more, we make less. It’s a great money maker for them.

  • wendyL

    wow really so you can get a ticket if you don’t have both hands one the wheel while driving? I drive a stick.. on hand on the shifter other on the wheel pretty much at all times… would I get a ticket too?! this is F’N crazy!!

  • john kennedy

    Did anyone ever get a ticket for not wearing a seat-belt from a trooper on a motorcycle.
    Now where is the justice in that?
    A cop stops a woman walks up yo her car motions, for her to roll the window down. She complies.
    The cop says, do you know why I am standing here.
    She thinks for a second then says, is it because you only graduated from high school?

      • john kennedy

        Was that a seat belt ticket he gave her, and did he ride off on his motorcycle smiling because he made his quota for the day and can now go to the doughnut shop?
        Can a person with one arm have both hands on the wheel?
        Have you ever seen a cop talk on the radio while driving?

      • Stokely

        It’s so obvious that John Jones is a little piggy police officer. This is why he’s so in defense of cops in this article. It’s okay, little piggy…make sure you keep getting pimped by politicians so they can tell you that you’ve been a good boy and pat you on the back for meeting your quota and making them money. You’re exactly the reason people hate police. Any cop can give a shitty police ticket, that doesn’t make the woman stupid nor does it make him intelligent.

  • Alex

    California Highway Patrol gives out “fix-it” tickets and speeding tickets. Speeding tickets do not deter people from speeding. It just teaches them to get smart about not getting caught. In Germany, certain parts of their freeways do not have speed limits and they have less accidents. I’ve received both “fix-it tickets” and speeding tickets. But where were the cops when my motorcycle was stolen!!! As for the chapstick ticket, sounds like a bunch of baloney. Our tax paying dollars should be employing these state workers to work for the public and not against them. We are basically paying them to take more of our hard earned money. Tired of the state governments/municipalities wasting our hard earned money. Go find some real criminals, not patrons who are using their time efficiently while going to and from work.

    • Mark Lassman (@KB6KGX)

      I’ve actually seen people shaving while driving (men) and reading books (both men and women). I have NEVER, as the State Trooper in this article says he’s seen, seen anyone shaving their LEGS.

  • Keenan

    Our tax dollars at work.
    What i don’t get is that state troopers and highway patrols. Are their job is to hand out tickets only and not going after the real crooks? Obviously if the cops just sit on side of freeways all day long while crooks are robbing people. Yep cops doing an outstanding job.
    I’ve seen cops all over the US and Canada doing exact same thing,parking on side of roads sleeping while on duty. Must be nice to cops

  • Antohny Stark

    Thank you, police, for ruining this woman’s driving record FOR NOTHING. Do you think for a SECOND that if it was an off-duty cop that was doing that, that the trooper would have given them a ticket. OF COURSE NOT.

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