Woman run over during Comic-Con ‘Zombie Walk’ speaks out

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SAN DIEGO -- The woman who was run over by a car at last year’s Comic-Con Zombie Walk has spoken out for the first time since the incident.

“Really a life-altering event for me,” said the Banker’s Hill woman who was one of dozens that took part in the walk in downtown San Diego.

“I had planned to go down and take photos of the zombies because I’m a photographer,” said Campbell, who was part of a crowd on 2nd and Island avenues when a driver tried to make its way through.

Cell phone video shows the driver in a black sedan plowing through a crowd, hitting several people and running over Campbell, who came out with an injured arm and leg.

Now, nearly a year after the incident, she’s taking legal action against the driver, Michael Pocci, who has already been charged by the District Attorney’s office for reckless driving.

She’s also going after the city and organizers of the Zombie Walk, which saw people spill over from the sidewalk into the streets with vehicle traffic.

“It didn’t seem too well handled as far as traffic control,” said Campbell, sitting across from her attorney, John McGuire.

The driver, who’s deaf, had a woman and a child riding with him and claims people in the crowd started beating his vehicle. The video shows two men sitting on his car.

Pocci said he feared for his life, which caused him to try to drive away.


  • Me

    I’m calling shenanigans. The video footage clearly shows that no one was “beating on his car” They sat on the hood. This guy just didn’t want to wait for the people to finish the walk and decided to run right through them. It was a malicious act.

  • Toni Robinson

    She hopes this instigates changes in Zombie Walk this year? Yeah, it’s been killed, over with, finished. Because it was NOT a parade and did not need a permit. It was a walk and the rules were to stay on the sidewalks and obey traffic rules. These were spectators milling around in the street including her

  • Ben

    So all the taxpayers of San Diego are going to have to pay up because that idiot who got run over contends that the City should have had some traffic control personnel directing traffic. I do not think so. If that old hag needs to be reminded to stay on the sidewalk then she is not fit to be walking free on this planet.

    I would have been scared if I were in that car as well. I would have been scared because these people were clearly immature, they were sitting on my car, and falsely imprisoning me by preventing me from moving. These losers, including the one who was run over, need to get a life and embrace adulthood. Adults have no place at zombie walks.

  • TrueCitizen

    how is it legal for him to drive while DEAF?!?!?! That sounds like a pretty big issue to me, how can he hear screams, horns, etc.

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