Former city attorney slams SoCal Edison plan for San Onofre waste

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SAN DIEGO -- Three years after the closing of the San Onofre nuclear plant, the battle of what to do with the leftover waste continues.

Counter to Southern California Edison, former city attorney Mike Aguirre is proposing to come up with a new solution that moves the fuel elsewhere.

He said he wants the public utilities commission to set up a high-level group of experts to reexamine a better idea instead of settling for what Edison plans to do.

“The greatest nuclear threat that southern Californians is not from Iran but from Southern California Edison,” said Aguirre. “Edison wants to find the cheapest way to do it and run off with the rest of the money.”

Last year, Edison was allocated nearly $5 billion of taxpayer money to shut down the plant and deal with the leftover waste.

By 2019, the utility company hopes to transfer the fuel from steel-lined concrete to storage pools until the federal government removes the fuel from the site.

Aguirre, however, believes holding onto the waste is a bad idea, especially due to concern over a possible natural disasters or a potential terrorist attack.

“We have a potential Chernobyl right in our back yards,” said Aguirre. “This massive waste that under the wrong circumstance could kill millions of people.”

In response to Aguirre, Edison claims the storage design exceeds California earthquake requirements and protects against water, fire and tsunamis and is inaccessible to missiles.

“Our decision to move expeditiously to transfer the fuel also reflects feedback from community leaders who prefer dry storage of used nuclear fuel,” said Chris Thompson, Southern California Edison Vice President of Decommissioning in a statement.


  • Mike for Mayor

    Mike Aguirre is awesome!!! He is a hero championed by us small guys. If there is anyone who can turn San Diego around it would be him. He has the courage to tell the abusers to go suck it!

  • Etime Soy

    The unions destroyed San Onofre by mismanagement and piss poor maintenance. I would love to see an expose on this over all project. That electrical generating station should still be supplying power for decades to come. One wonders if the UNIONS ruined it on purpose to “generate” $5 billion in dismantling “jobs”. Then once torn apart at pennies on the dollar this site will no doubt be deemed too dangerous to ever build anything on it due to residual radiation. In the meantime, we have how many floating nuclear power plants in San Diego Bay, properly operated by the US Navy?

    • James

      Yup too bad, it’s also the cleanest form of energy available. Manufacturing for solar and wind generate a lot of pollution. Modern nuclear plants generate very tiny amounts of waste. The entire worlds nuclear waste could easily fit into a single site.

  • Joe Holtzman

    community leaders want it stored here????? That is a flat out lie by Edison!!!!

    The phony panel Edison hand selected were all Edison shills !

  • Trent Portch

    Einstein tried to warn us all but we did not listen. Now we have a huge and unmanageable mess the nuke industry is trying to grow as fast as possible. San Onofre’s own regulator told us they are lying about the earthquake safety factors and have had terms recoined and paid to have lines and numbers fudged even at the NRC. The whole thing is rife with corruption and lies, meanwhile they lie about human health consequences and pass the bills for that and cleanup happily to taxpayers in order to pretend it is even profitable at all. They are wiping out the Lakotas to mine uranium, while getting stupid government shillls they pay off to permit new plants to have even more customers globally, while lying thru their teeth about what this will mean and what can be done about the waste dangers, which is nothing but kill off one community instead of another.

  • James

    Millions? Nothing remotely close to that has ever happened. Not Chernobyl, Japan, or 3 mile island. He must be reading the literature of 70s wackos.

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