Prominent businessman’s son accused of attempted kidnapping

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VISTA, Calif. -- The son of one of the San Diego Padres owners allegedly made a brazen and violent attempt to kidnap a 7-year-old at her Solana Beach school last month and was behind bars Thursday following his arrest in Orange County, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore announced.

Jack Henry Doshay, 22, of Fairbanks Ranch was taken into custody at a Laguna Niguel home about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to San Diego County sheriff's officials.

Doshay's father is Glenn Doshay, who is a well-known businessman, minority stake owner of the Padres and philanthropist in San Diego.

On the afternoon of March 23, Doshay allegedly grabbed the girl at Skyline Elementary School, clapped a hand over her mouth, tried to put packing tape onto her face and ordered her to get into his silver-and-black SUV. When she struggled and fought back, the would-be abductor let her go, returned to his vehicle and drove off.

"This guy messed with the wrong girl and the wrong community," said Mike Paeske, father of the victim.

Paeske and his wife, Joy were at the announcement of Doshay's arrest Thursday morning.

"Apprehension was a huge milestone in our ordeal now we begin the process of healing," said Paeske.   "Your tips and phone calls were huge support to this investigation."

Detectives followed up on about 150 tips in the case before tracking down the suspect with information provided by his defense attorney, Paul Pfingst, Gore told reporters during a late-morning briefing.

"He gave us the specific address, although as I said we were in the general area," said Gore.

He declined to disclose Doshay's connection to the San Joaquin Hills-area neighborhood where he was arrested.

Gore also did not disclose a motive.

"As far as we know there’s no connection to the school, his brother lives in vicinity," said Gore.

The victim's father, Mike Paeske, praised investigators for capturing the man who allegedly victimized his daughter.

"San Diego County families can sleep a little better knowing that one less threat is out there on the streets,'' said Paeske.

Paeske also commended his young daughter for her bravery.

"We’re so proud of our daughter for the way she handled herself during the attack and the subsequent investigation," said Paeske.  "She is our inspiration and our hero."

Doshay was booked into county jail in Vista on suspicion of kidnapping, false imprisonment with violence and child cruelty. He was being held without bail pending arraignment, scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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    • Steve Strokemayer

      Jeremy,thank you for what you are doing! I have signed the petition and made some scathing comments. Good work Brother

  • Jeff

    Let me tell you exactly how this will go…DELAY DELAY DELAY……HOPE FOR A PLEA DEAL 3 YEARS FROM NOW. We must NOT let up folks or he’s going to get a slap on the wrist….

  • Jeff

    Wait for the Padres to SPIN this, “He’s only a minority owner and gets 2 percent of our profits.” I don’t care if it’s 1 percent. If one single penny from the Padres goes to this guy’s Dad, then YOU ALL are helping pay for his defense…Kinda makes ya sick doesn’t it??? I’m done with the Padres.

    • Bruce Bochy

      Jeff, ignoring your copious use of the caps lock button, I find your point of view uninformed.
      I understand your outrage at the situation, it is completely deplorable, inexcusable, and in no way am I defending the alleged actions of the defendant. However, if you followed the recent buyout of the Padres and their ownership structure, it would be completely apparent that any revenue from the Padres would not even be involved in this situation. For one, you are assuming that the padres are a profitable team…this is debatable and depends on when the initial investment was made . Especially since Doshay was not bought out of his ownership stake when the team was purchased recently. Second, and most importantly, if you had bothered to read any of the other articles concerning the family you would be able to find the names of the funds and businesses owned by the family and then realize that anything gained from the Padres has basically no influence on the defense of the defendant. In other words, as a minority stakeholder in the Padres, any profits would be mere peanuts to the overall wealth of the family, the ownership stake in the Padres was an afterthought or a hobby to the family. Therefore, the Doshay’s (minority 5ish%) involvement in the Padres organization has absolutely no influence on the financial implications regarding the defense of their son as his legal defense would be no different if the Padres were involved or not. Stop hating on the Friars man and think about the big picture.

  • Jason

    This man is clearly dangerous and should do serious time. He has the best criminal defense attorney in the business. Our former district attorney knows where all the bodies are buried. I am certain he will put his knowledge to bear on this case. I doubt that even given all his juice he will be able to negotiate a plea deal that results in a slap on the wrist. This guy is going away for a long time. Let’s hope that when he sees the light of day again he has been rehabilitated. I pray that this little girl gets the help she needs and is not scarred for her whole life. Thank God she have the courage to fight back and survived this ordeal.

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