Gunman pleads guilty to murdering disabled man

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Jordan Hickey

SAN DIEGO — The gunman in the “thrill” killing of a 21-year-old developmentally disabled man gunned down nearly four years ago pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree murder and lying in wait.

Humberto Galvez, 22, will be sentenced on April 24 to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the April 29, 2011, slaying of Jordan Hickey. Galvez originally faced the death penalty.

“It was a brutal, heinous, callous killing. We think there’s no excuse,” Deputy District Attorney David Grapilon said outside court. “It’s one of those cases that really chill you to the bone, knowing that people are out there that can do mean (and) evil things like this.”

Sheriff’s deputies responding to a report of gunfire found Hickey mortally wounded near his bicycle on a sidewalk alongside Grove Street in Lincoln Acres, a few blocks from his home in National City. He died at the scene.

Authorities said Galvez and co-defendant Juan Ignacio Gomez were “driving around, essentially looking for someone to shoot,” and just happened to pull up alongside Hickey, who was on his way home when he was shot three times.

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  • Mikey

    So proud to live in such a p*ssy ass state that we always give these sick f*cks life in prison! While the hard working tax payers pay to house, feed, and secure this worthless POS. Give him a free bullet to the back of the head and call it a day! Moving to Texas…

  • wow

    I know the family of this extraordinary young man. He was a talented artist and had a loving girlfriend. It took close to a year to find this young mans killer. This POS should have gotten the death penalty for this senseless killing. I hope he rots in hell. BTW….the killer was a gang banger.

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