National Indian Gaming Tradeshow arrives in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO -- Nearly 7,000 people, including famed basketball alum Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, packed the convention center Wednesday for the National Indian Gaming Annual Tradeshow and Convention.

“Our estimates show between 10 and 15 million dollars was brought in this week in just a one-week span,” said Jason Giles with the National Indian Gaming Association.

Members from 150 tribal nations throughout the country, as well as representatives from local casinos, attended the event to check out the latest and greatest in the gaming industry.

“This is the largest slot machine in the world. It’s an 84-inch, high-definition display,” said Matt Wilson with Aristocrat gaming as he showed one off.

Wilson said San Diego is a huge draw for their clients who come to get a first look at breakthroughs in the industry.

“A lot of our travel customers are in the middle of America where it’s cold, and coming here where there is no snow and it’s a beautiful location,” said Wilson.

Venders showed off everything from new games to uniforms.

This is the second consecutive year the trade show was held in San Diego. Organizers hope the event will grow as the convention center expands.

“We have our largest attendance this year. We are hoping to get close to 10,000 … in the future we are hoping to get up to 15,000 to 20,000, maybe rival with Comic-Con,” said Giles.

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