Journey to Space

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The best thing about this movie was afterwards, at the screening at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theatre, listening to writer/director Mark Krenzien (The Alps, Journey to the South Pacific) talk about the film in more detail. The huge cameras the astronauts had to use, could only film three minute segments at a time. The fact that the famous narrator got paid “half the price of a Tesla…for 3 hours work.”

While watching the 45 minute movie, I was a tad bored. I brought a teenager with me who hadn’t been to an IMAX film here, and he was underwhelmed as well.

We’ve seen video of astronauts and the weightlessness before, doing summersaults and eating food that’s floating in front of them.

Krenzien did a nice job of showing some passed NASA missions, and passed astronauts…some checking out the shift they helped pilot.

You’ll tear up during the segment on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. I remember watching it on the news, and the nation morning over the loss of these astronauts.

It was interesting to see a huge inflatable habitat that could be used in the future for missions. The illustrations and special effects were done nicely to help us envision how these things would work.

There was an interesting segment on a young woman named Lindsay who designed space suits that don’t bring dust inside – because they’re kept on the outside of the space vehicle. It was a kick listening to her talk about wanting to do this after a visit to a space museum (we see photos of her wearing a space suit as a child). Yet I doubt this movie is going to do anything to motive children to want to get involved in space exploration.

The narrator was perfectly chosen – Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart. Yet he doesn’t talk all that often.

If you’re in Balboa Park and want to get out of the sun, going to see this movie is worth it. If you’re a NASA nut or space fan, you won’t want to miss this.

Everyone else might be a little bored.

This gets 2 ½ stars out of 5.