Gov. Brown orders mandatory statewide water restrictions

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SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown Wednesday announced the first mandatory water restrictions in California history.

Brown ordered the State Water Resources Control Board to implement mandatory water restrictions to reduce water usage by 25%, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The action came as the governor and other state officials took stock of historically abysmal levels of snowpack in the Sierra Nevada amid the state's grinding drought.

Brown's plan would also:

  • Require golf courses, cemeteries and other large landscaped spaces to reduce water consumption.
  • Replace 50 million square feet of lawn statewide with drought-tolerant landscaping as part of a partnership with local governments.
  • Create statewide rebate program to replace old appliances with more water- and energy-efficient ones.
  • Requires new homes to have water-efficient drip irrigation if developers want to use potable water for irrigation.
  • Bans  watering of ornamental grass on public street medians.
  • Calls on water agencies to implement new pricing models that discourage excessive water use.

The San Diego County Water Authority issued mandatory water use restrictions last July, including watering only at certain dates and times, fixing leaks within 72 hours and eliminating runoff from irrigation systems.

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, said Wednesday she stands behind Brown's order that cities and towns across California implement mandatory restrictions to reduce water use by 25 percent.

"Our decimated snowpack shows that Gov. Brown is right to put these strong, mandatory steps in place,'' Atkins said. "Getting through this drought and future droughts to come will take a combination of immediate, short-range and long-term steps. The governor's order today is the right step at the right time.''

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  • rob Cornick

    start restricting the car wash facilities, I know most recycle the water but it is still a waste.

  • Vicky White

    Start doing something with the city area’s and business places they waste water outside almost daily. am sick of seeing the running water at many places around town.

  • liam

    San Diego is on track to build units for 1000000 new residents by 2030. If American women are not having enough babies ( only 1.88 ) to maintain our current population, where are a million new residents coming from? Are they going to bring their water with them?

  • Hypocritical.

    How about San Diego leadership taking this seriously first then pass it down to the citizens.

  • wes

    I vote to increase the water rates to $1 Million a gal so we can pay for the poor children that are hungry and homeless. I want to feel good when I become homeless.

    • Open you wallets!

      This isn’t about water conservation…It’s about Sacramento digging deeper into your wallets.

  • Ed

    I think Governor Brown should re-direct the Billions of dollars he just approved for the bullet train from the desert to building desalination plants everywhere along the coast that citizens live.

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