Local woman recounts terrifying moments aboard Air Canada flight

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SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego woman was on board the Air Canada flight that missed the runway and lost its landing gear while landing in Nova Scotia Sunday.

Treasure Addis-Mills said her plane circled the runway for half an hour because of low visibility. When it landed, officials said it skid nearly a thousand feet across terrain near the runway.

“Everybody was kind of flung forward. I had had my hands up to kind of brace so that my head didn't hit the seat in front," said Addis-Mills.

A Transportation Safety Board of Canada official said the plane went back in the air for a brief moment, then broke a power line, hit an antenna and lost its landing gear.

"Everybody started screaming. The oxygen masks came down," said Addis-Mills.

The plane then hit the runway and skidded another 1,000 feet before it finally stopped, according to an official.

The broken power line caused significant damage to the plane and cut off power to part of Halifax Airport. Twenty-five people on board including both pilots suffered minor injuries.

"Someone's nose was bleeding really badly. They had grabbed a pillow to kind of hold on to it. Somebody's eye was gashed and blood was running down," she said.

Addis-Mills said she and other passengers had to slide down the plane and wait in the freezing tarmac area for nearly an hour before they were moved.

"At that point it was snowing out. It was windy. It was freezing cold. I barely had much of a sweater on," said Addis-Mills.

She cut her work trip short and arrived back in San Diego Monday night. Two days after the accident, she still doesn't have her luggage, but she feels relieved to be reunited with the people who matter the most.

"Very, very happy to be home, in a place where I have family and friends to take care of me," said Addis-Mills.

It's still unclear what caused the accident.