More fires set in City Heights

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SAN DIEGO - A pair of small fires set early Tuesday in City Heights may be related to a string of recent arsons in the area, police said.

Crews worked to put out the first fire just before 1 a.m. Tuesday, finding two mattresses on fire near Marshall Elementary School on the 5200 block of Landis Street, police said. Firefighters pulled the two mattresses away from the building and put out the flames. That fire caused nearly $1,000 in damage to the building.

About half an hour later, San Diego fire found a dumpster burning in an alley just down the street and quickly put the blaze out.

"Fire is the biggest thing we have to worry about in San Diego," said Linda Pennington with the community group San Diego Canyonlands.

She told FOX 5 the fire series has sparked concern.

"It had come up in the police meeting, they’re working on it and they don’t know whether it’s copycat series or what," said Pennington.

She said it may be easy for residents to question efforts in finding the arsonists, but she assures everyone police are doing their job.

"If someone thinks the police aren’t doing anything then they need to come out of their house and get involved in the community," said Pennington.

Meanwhile, she said mitigation should be top of mind.

"We have a lot of canyons in San Diego. The dead brush has to be removed, and debris," said Pennington.

She said it only takes one little spark to put an entire neighborhood in danger.

"Even the little finger canyons that shoot off the major canyons, they permeate the neighborhood and you’re never very far from a canyon," said Pennington.

No one was hurt in Tuesday morning's fires. The Metro Arson Strike team believes the fires are connected to the recent string of fires throughout City Heights, but they are still investigating.

This brings the number of fires intentionally set in the area to more than a dozen in recent months.

Anyone with information was asked to call police.