Man calls 911 for ride to pharmacy

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — A 22-year-old homeless man was behind bars Tuesday for allegedly exposing himself to Oceanside police and medics and slugging a patrol officer after they declined to give him a ride to a hospital so he could pick up a prescription.

Derrick James Anders Jr. called the Oceanside Police Department about 10:30 p.m. Monday and told a dispatcher he was in need of medical attention, Lt. Leonard Cosby said.

When officers and an ambulance crew contacted Anders in the area of Bush and San Diego streets in Oceanside, they discovered that he did not require emergency care as claimed but merely wanted a lift to Tri-City Medical Center so he could get some medication, the lieutenant said.

The officers said they could not drive him to the hospital but gave him directions on how to get there.

“When he realized he was not going to get a ride, he dropped his pants, exposed his genitals in front of fire personnel, police officers and nearby citizens,” Cosby said. “He told them, `You can kiss my ass,’ as he slapped his buttocks.”

The officers then informed Anders that he was under arrest, and one of them began to handcuff him. At that point, Anders allegedly punched another officer in the head. Following a brief struggle, the patrol personnel were able to subdue him and take him into custody.

Medics evaluated the allegedly assaulted officer at the scene and cleared him to return to work immediately.

Anders — who told police he was from San Diego but currently homeless — was booked into county jail in Vista on suspicion of indecent exposure and assault on a peace officer. He was being held on $35,000 bail pending arraignment, scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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