Kids learn self-defense after Solana Beach attempted kidnapping

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SOLANA BEACH, Calif. - Parents in Solana Beach are enrolling their kids in self-defense classes after a man attempted to kidnap a young girl at Skyline Elementary School last week.

Tracie Arlington with Play It Safe Defense held two special classes Sunday in Solana Beach and will return to Skyline Elementary in April to re-enforce lessons taught before.

“We’ve taught at Skyline on four different occasions," Arlington said. "I found out that the little girl was not in my class. What she’s learned, her parents obviously did a great job."

The Skyline Elementary student screamed and gained the attention of teachers who chased the man off, investigators said.

These are lessons taught by Arlington and other self-defense experts:

  1. Your voice is your biggest weapon. Don’t be silent.
  2.  Keep your confidence.
  3. Use your legs. Kids will have a hard time using their upper body strength, but their feet are more powerful. Kick. Kick. Kick.

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  • wes

    I found it funny schools teach Sex Ed, but do not give a gun safety course. Over 35% of households with children have guns.

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