Car crashes into building twice

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VISTA, Calif. - Authorities are searching for a driver who crashed a car twice into a building in Vista before driving away Sunday.

A check cashing business on North Santa Fe Avenue was damaged around 4 p.m. when the driver backed into the building two times and then took off, witnesses told San Diego Sheriff's investigators.

There were two employees in the store at the time, but no customers.

“We’re panicking – we’re like, ‘are we going to get robbed?’ Because he does it a second time," said store employee Vianka Martinez. “We didn’t know if someone was going to come out of the car and try to get to us.”

No one was hurt, but there was extensive damage to a wall and debris all over the store.

Employees said they didn't get a look at the driver -- but they say the car was a tan Lincoln.

Investigators have not yet released any information.

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  • Ray Carney

    This check cashing store is on the corner of north Santa Fe and west Los Angeles next to Royal Liquor, a place that caters to the drunk Mexican set. Not a day goes by where you don’t see drunk Mexicans, on foot and behind the wheel yet the sdso does nothing about the problem. I guess chicken shit Gore does not want immigrant rights groups all over his department for following the law. Last month, a lady was killed crossing north Santa Few And California by a drunk Mexican. Thank you Obozo for shamnesty, you putz.

    • Frank

      And the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department isn’t responsive and helpful when you call, Ray? Gee, I wonder why…

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