Man shot, killed by deputy in Encinitas

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ENCINITAS, Calif. – A man armed with a shotgun was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy Friday morning in Encinitas.

The shooting occurred at a house in the 2000 block of Shadytree Lane at about 9:40 a.m., according to San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

Two deputies responded to the home after an incomplete 911 call was made by the man’s wife. When deputies arrived at the house, they said a woman was running outside, saying her suicidal husband was inside and armed with a shotgun.

Moments later, the man walked outside, armed with a shotgun and walked towards the deputies. One of the deputies fired at least four shots at the man. CPR was administered but the man died at the scene.

The incident is being investigated. At this time it is unclear whether the man pointed the shotgun at deputies.

“When your life is in danger, you’re going to go home to your family. Fortunately, we train a lot with our firearms, so we’re pretty good shots, but sometimes that target is moving and that type of thing and we aim to stop the threat,” said Lt. John Maryon with San Diego Sheriff’s Department Homicide Division.

Neighbors described the Village Park neighborhood as quiet and were rattled by the shooting.

“I heard four loud noises, which sounded like gunshots. I used to be a gun owner, so I know what that sounds like. It was really startling,” neighbor Mark Allyn said.

Another neighbor and close friend of the man shot by the deputy explained that the couple had been having marital problems.

He referred to the gunned-down man as Gary and said, “I knew this had something to do with Gary because, like I said, on my way here I got several phone calls from people on that street because everyone knows I’m good friends with him, but I had no idea he got blown away.”

The man’s identity has not yet been released by deputies and is pending a medical examiner’s report.

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  • MisterBeans

    I just saw the news about this shooting. First, I don’t like the way the blond news lady was calling the suspect “a victim.” Like he was a victim of a crime, not the suspect of a situation. He walked towards the police with a shotgun! That deserves a WTF. Even the Hick-looking neighbor with the prison-styled tattoos on his neck was saying, “…I don’t know why he got shot, unless he did something stupid” Say person or the man or male, the facts. What is up with that? I’m tired of the media still trying to influence and manipulate how the public thinks. I watch the news for facts not biased information. Otherwise, let’s have Ron Burgundy do the news for you guys.

    • John

      There is very little information this article. Anyone can read whatever they they like into this. Sheriff deputies in Enc are not trigger happy, nor is it a capital crime to own a gun on your property. So let’s try to learn more before Al Sharpton gets here.

    • Chris

      Even wearing the badge and under oath, it’s still murder. You killed another man. Did he point the gun at the officers? Otherwise there was no reason for him to die. You all can only see things from your own perspective not from anyone else.

  • Patrick

    Cop tell you to drop you weapon you better drop it. He doesn’t have to point it at he deputy he just has to make a move or action that makes the deputy fear for his life, the life of his partner or the lives of others. You people watch too much TV. You have less than a second to decide. Him or me!

  • Jay

    Once again cops killing incent people. Nasty pigs. The guy was suicidal you should ask questions before you shoot !!!!!!!!!!

  • Another Police Shooting?

    There is no mention of the victim pointing the gun at the officer. Citizens are allowed to posses guns, it is a constitutional right. What isn’t right is a public servant shooting a citizen without cause or even drawing a weapon on a citizen without cause. It doesn’t make it any more right to say he was scared for his life. Sounds more like a cover-up/copout for poor planning, decision making or an oopsies. If you think for a second this will be investigated without bias or covered up you are severely mistaken.

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