Body found in Lake Murray

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SAN DIEGO -- A body was found Friday in Lake Murray, according to San Diego Fire Department.

Emergency personnel have been searching since Thursday for an 18-year-old college student whose wallet, cell phone and backpack were found abandoned on the shore of Lake Murray.

Thursday police, rangers and divers search in vain in and around the reservoir for more than 11 hours after the young man’s personal effects, including shoes and other articles of clothing, were found at the edge of lake. A single set of footprints led to the water, with none found heading in the opposite direction.

Park rangers and patrol officers searched the shoreline and surrounding areas for the San Diego State University student, whose name was not released, before calling in a city lifeguard scuba team about 10 a.m., said Lee Swanson of the San Diego Fire- Rescue Department.

The divers, aided by counterparts from several local law enforcement agencies, searched underwater through the day and into early evening, finding no further sign of the missing man. A boat crew used sonar, meanwhile, to scan the lake, and other personnel continued walking the shore and adjacent areas.

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  • Bam Bam

    This is so sad. He was so young full of life. Did anyone see him go in, notice something not right , maybe someone could have intervened, God comfort the family @ this tragic time. May they be given some peace. 👎😧

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