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Skyline Elementary updates policies after abduction attempt

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SOLANA BEACH, Calif. -- Skyline Elementary tightened its check-in procedures following Monday's abduction attempt of a student at the school, it announced in a post to its website on Thursday.

The school also held a meeting with parents Thursday morning at the school to update them of the new policies.  San Diego County Sheriff's deputies were also present.

"I think they’ve all just been doing a great job with securing the locations with first and foremost the children feel safe," said Stephanie McGuire, a parent.

"We are working with students at this school and all of our district schools to make sure our children feel safe and protected," said Superintendent Dr. Nancy Lynch.

Lynch said the district will be hiring more security guards, and is also looking into implementing cameras on campus. There will also be more education on self-defense.

"We will be providing a during the day assembly on how to be safe," Lynch said, but did not indicate when the assemblies would be held.

Investigators said pieces of evidence used to wrap the child in the abduction are now being examined.

"At this time we’re just waiting on our crime lab to come back with any possible fingerprints or DNA profile," said Captain Theresa Adams-Hydar.

Adams-Hydar also said her office has received hundreds of tips in the case.

"There are leads we’re working that we feel are strong than others we’ve been working on right now," said Adams-Hydar.  "We're doing our best to follow every lead and work with all of our regional partners here as well."

Principal Lisa Denham wrote in the post, "I realize that Monday’s attempted abduction of one of Skyline’s students was a very scary event. Fortunately, our young student did absolutely everything right in terms of getting away from the perpetrator."

The post goes on to encourage parents to talk to their children about ways to be safe, and updates school policies that are to be immediately implemented. The updated policy reads in part:

  • All visitors must check into the office to sign in and get a visitor’s badge, even before and after school.
  • Teachers will escort students at school dismissal.
  • We ask that parents pick up their students promptly after school, even at crosswalk delivery points. If parents are late, we would like to direct you to sign up with the Child Development Center for after school care.

Officials posted the announcement on the Skyline Elementary's website.

The changes come after a man tried to pull a 7-year-old girl into his car at the school on Monday. The man tried to wrap the girl's head in duct tape, but she screamed and managed to get away. Sheriff's deputies are still looking for the man.

Lynch said the victim was doing well.

"She's doing great, we're trying to take care of her the best we can," Lynch said.

She said the rest of the student body is doing their best to move forward.

"But, move forward with an awareness to be able to protect themselves," she said.

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