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School worker arrested after barricading herself, children in classroom

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LEMON GROVE, Calif. --  A 31-year-old after-school assistant was facing felony charges of child endangerment and false imprisonment Friday after barricading herself and students inside a Lemon Grove classroom and then taking off her clothes as she struggled with school staff who came to the children's rescue.

Linda Lira was working at Lemon Grove Academy at 7885 Golden Ave. just after 4 p.m. Wednesday, “when she began acting bizarre and barricaded herself and several children in a classroom,'' said San Diego County sheriff's Lt. Chris May.

Students used Lira's unattended campus radio to call for help, he said.

“Staff briefly fought with Lira to gain access to the classroom and remove children from her reach,'' May said. "After students were evacuated, Lira exhibited multiple signs and symptoms of narcotics/hallucinogen use. While struggling with other school staff, Lira removed her own clothing as one act in a series of bizarre acts.''

When deputies arrived, Lira was barricaded alone in a classroom, where she upended desks, threw things around and undressed and dressed several times, according to the lieutenant.

Deputies took her into custody and took her to a hospital for an evaluation, May said.

“As part of the investigation that continued the following day, multiple student victims were identified and interviewed to determine the true nature of all of the witnessed offenses,'' May said.

“The school employees and officials worked very closely and cooperatively with the sheriff's department to bring the incident to a peaceful resolution.”

Lira was booked at the Las Colinas Women's Detention and Re-Entry Facility on suspicion of 14 counts each of child endangerment and false imprisonment, May said.

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    • OB RAT

      Allen Sanchez, you’re a total douchebag. Comparing the DA’s office to NAZI’s shows that you are a fucking idiot. Your comparison suggests you are not only ignorant, but also an asshole. Please shut up.

  • Yadicakes

    Scarey. My kid goes here. I’m glad she wasn’t present to witness this but feel terrible for the other little ones that must have been frightened out of their minds. People are getting crazier and crazier. I love the usual EDP staff. This lady must be new. Never heard her name before. Hopefully this is the last I hear of her

  • Lora Citizen

    No one gets drugged :unintentionally” unless they are associating with druggies. This woman deserves to be in jail, and should have to register as a sex offender for disrobing in front of a group of children. People need to stop making excuses for this sick behavior in people who work with kids.

  • James Gegg

    Undressing Is typically associated with Phencyclidine (PCP) usage. Regardless of the substance (if any), police will thoroughly investigate whether this School Assistant was exposed (no pun intended) without her knowledge.

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