UCSD’s Ché Café’s future heading for showdown Tuesday morning

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SAN DIEGO -- UCSD's popular Ché Café is facing eviction as of Tuesday morning.

Supporters have vowed to show up in numbers to prevent the popular student hangout from shutting down.

UCSD administrators say safety concerns are the reason they have issued the eviction notice.

But students who frequent the café say, just last year, the facility passed a fire inspection by the school's fire marshal.

"The university is trying so hard to get this place shut down, I don't know why, it's a student-run space, it's very important to a lot of people and it's a co-op, which means it's not for profit, it's for the benefit of people who visit, I think we need more spaces like that," said Raquel Calderon, a UCSD student and café supporter.

The school issued a statement, through it's Associated Students, saying it has tried to move the café to another location on campus and if a fire sprinkler system is installed along with other safety measures, it might be allowed back following the 2015 - 2016 school year.

But supporters say a move is not necessary. They plan a rally and protest hoping to prevent the closing of the Ché Café, which has been on campus for more than 30 years.


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  • Josh Kenchel

    This is a very good report, maybe the most accurate news report on the CHE situation by a local network news station that I have seen. Well done!

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