Families of missing Mexican students rally support in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO -- “There is no proof they are dead,” said Blanca Nava Velez about her son Jorge Alvarez Nava, one of 43 Mexican college students who’ve been missing since September.

And it’s why she believes they’re alive.

“They rounded them up,” said Angel De la Cruz who was part of a convoy of buses filled with college students from rural Ayotzinapa Mexico, including the missing 43.

They all were in the process of planning a major protest of government policies in Mexico City which is why De la Cruz and others believe they were targeted.

De La Cruz said the bus with the 43 students was pulled over and police rounded them up.

They’ve not been seen since.

Mexican authorities say the students were turned over to a local drug cartel that killed them but has yet to show proof of it and their remains haven’t been found.

Monday family and friends came to San Diego on a humanitarian Visa to kick off a nation-wide caravan to Washington D.C. where they will ask the White House and Congress to put pressure on the Mexican Government.

“For the Mexican government to do a better job and to not quit the search for the 43 missing students,” said Marco Amaral, organizer for the convoy to the nation’s capitol.

Family and friends of the missing will lead a march at San Diego City College in downtown San Diego before leaving on their journey.

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