Woman’s baby cut from womb when she answers Craigslist ad

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UPDATE: Police arrest suspect accused of cutting fetus from woman’s womb

LONGMONT, Colo. — A Colorado woman is recovering in the hospital after she was stabbed while answering a Craigslist ad for baby clothes and had her fetus cut from the womb, according to police.

Officers responded to the 1600 block of Green Place around 2:40 p.m. Wednesday after a reported stabbing.

“Officers arrived on scene and could hear a female calling for help inside the home. Officers entered the home and located a female who had been beaten and stabbed in the stomach,” Longmont police said.

Police said the victim went to the suspect’s house to buy baby clothes she found in an ad on Craigslist. The 26-year-old victim, who has not been identified, was seven months pregnant.

In a statement obtained by KDVR, police said, “It was later learned, the female was pregnant and her baby had been removed. The victim was transported to the Longmont United Hospital where she underwent surgery and is expected to recover.”

Police said the suspect, Dynel Lane, 34, went to a local hospital with the baby and told workers she had a miscarriage. The baby did not survive.

The suspect's husband drove her and the baby to the hospital, but it’s not clear if he was inside the home when the attack happened, police said. The husband is not under arrest.

The suspect was arrested on several felony charges including attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and child abuse knowingly/reckless resulting in death.

“The suspect and victim were not known to each other prior to this incident,” police said.

The alleged attacker is due in court Thursday.

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  • Joe Lotus Warren

    thats crazy,sad,and repulsive..that woman should get the death penalty..Also, why isn’t the husband under arrest? lastly..why the fuck are some of you degenerate bitch es catching up with your fucking friends in the comment section for this horrible story..you should be flogged Kim Meyer and Heiress Frances..go drink some old milk you skank bitches

  • Your Own

    Another wake up call. When will people learn it’s not safe to go alone when dealing with Craigslist. I personally never use it. The horror stories you hear about it are not worth it. Sad you have to bring a army of people with you when you meet strangers, & all this for baby clothes? I would think you can find baby clothes pretty cheap at stores, or yard sales.

  • Greg Boman

    Everybody here who supports the ACLU: know that the ACLU will want this woman given medical care in a hospital at taxpayer expense to find out “what is wrong with her.” Any logical person with one shred of brain capacity knows that this woman needs to be executed within 5 minutes of being found guilty.

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