Police arrest suspect accused of cutting fetus from woman’s womb

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- Police on Thursday arrested a suspect accused of stabbing a 7-month-pregnant woman in the stomach and cutting the fetus from her womb after the victim answered a Craigslist ad for baby clothes.

Dynel Lane, 34, was arrested after going to a local hospital with the baby and telling a worker she had a miscarriage, according to police.  The baby did not survive.

Dynel Lane

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office released this photo of Dynel Lane. (Credit: KDVR)

The 26-year-old victim was recovering from the attack, which occurred in the 1600 block of Green Place in Longmont around 2:40 p.m. Wednesday.

“Officers arrived on scene and could hear a female calling for help inside the home. Officers entered the home and located a female who had been beaten and stabbed in the stomach,” Longmont police said.

Police said the victim went to the suspect’s house to buy baby clothes she found in an ad on Craigslist.

“The suspect and victim were not known to each other prior to this incident,” police said.

After the attack, the suspect’s husband drove her and the baby to the hospital. However, it was not clear if he was inside the home when the attack happened, police said.

The husband has not been arrested.

Lane was booked on several felony charges including attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and child abuse knowingly/reckless resulting in death.

She is due in court Thursday.

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  • Cassie

    Well, that has to be about the worst thing I have seen in a while. What a psychopath. Absolutely horrific.

  • Jacki Lovell-Howardson

    she probably couldn’t have kids of her own & figured she would just take this lady’s baby, don’t be so quick to judge her I don’t think she’s a bad person.

    • Jason

      Really Jacki Lovell-Howardson, that is your response? Most likely killing someone to steal their premature baby that has a poor chance of surviving outside of the womb doesn’t make someone a bad person? I want a kid to but there is no way I am going to harm anyone to get one.

      • Michelle Car

        Reading is fundamental. The woman was married with two kids. Put her under the jail. Praying for the victim & her family. Praying she can still have kids.

    • Troll Patrol

      Please take the time to google JACKI LOVELL-HOWARDSON

      This is obviously someone paid by fox to go into all of their internet threads and be a complete and utter a##hole.

    • L. Soto

      It’s people like you that enable people like her to do the outrageous shit they do. Always trying to find a way to justify the horrendous actions of the most heinous people. Who cares if she did or did not have kids. She STABBED another human and then sawed through her flesh,muscle and other tissue while blood was raining on her to basically destroy her uterus and steal the life that the poor girl created. Which by the way resulted in the death of an innocent child, which means that young woman most likely won’t be able to have children ever again. You are an idiot. I hope the animal suffers immensley for what she has done. You should go read a book and check your moral compass.

  • vicki hanson

    OMG did I really hear that!” A comment that is making excuses for the monster and then says “don’t be so quick to judge her and shes probley a nice person. Umg! Scarry!

  • Missy Blake

    Reading is fundamental. She is married with two kids of her own. Let’s keep this young lady in our prayers. Praying she can conceive again & hoping for a full recovery R.I.P BABY.

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