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Man says phony Uber driver robbed him at gunpoint

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SAN DIEGO -- With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, an Uber customer has a warning for other users of the ridesharing app: verify the car and the driver before getting in.

After leaving a local bar Thursday night, McMann said he was robbed at gunpoint after getting into what he thought was an Uber vehicle.

“I’ve never had a gun pulled on me,” he said. “Probably one of the scariest moments in my memory.”

McMann said when they were approaching his destination, the driver told him to give him his money.

“I kind of just was shocked and then he pulled a gun out of the console in the middle.” McMann said. “I gave him my wallet. He took all the cash out of my wallet and gave me my wallet back and then told me to get out of the car.”

Uber San Diego general manager Christopher Ballard says the safety of the customer and the driver are their main priority.

“Every driver partner, before they’re allowed access to the platform, undergoes a comprehensive background check process,” Ballard said. “This is not only a federal, state, and county criminal record checks, this is a driving record check, this is a social security trace and this is a sex offender screen.”

He says for that reason, there are safety features built into the Uber app to prevent these things from happening.

“They will see not only a photo, of that driver but they’ll see a photo of the car,” Ballard said. “They’ll see the license plate of the car and then the make and model of the car in addition to the driver’s rating. So there should never be any ambiguity about looking at the car that is in front of you and looking at your app to make sure you’re matching up with the driver partner that accepted your request.”

McMann doesn’t blame Uber and said he will likely use the service again but next time, he’ll do things differently.

“Verify the car, verify the person – that it’s their name, that they look like their picture, because I should have done that and I got into a car with a stranger who had a gun,” McMann said.

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  • Stephen Lacaze

    And really who can be surprised by this, u$$r set up a weak system removing most effective safeguards and now the lowlifes start exploiting that. Now its not just who is drivinf the uber, but ist it an u$$r ?

  • Rice Bowls

    I think this is part of the attack on Uber. If this is for real then there is plenty of ways to catch the driver. what’s more, does anyone really know the person driving a cab? See this for what it really is. A way to scare the public out of a good deal and the money into some cab owners pocket.

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