Driver in Comic-Con ‘Zombie Walk’ collision to be arraigned

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SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A deaf man who drove through a crowd at the “Zombie Walk” during last year’s Comic-Con convention, injuring a woman, is scheduled to be arraigned today on a felony charge of reckless driving.

The District Attorney’s Office last month sent Matthew Pocci a letter notifying him of the charge.

As the “Zombie Walk” was under way last July 26 at the intersection of Island and Second avenues, a woman was struck by a black Honda sedan driven by Pocci.

Cellphone video showed Pocci’s car inching into a crowd at the intersection. As the crowd surrounds him, Pocci drives away, hitting a woman who suffered a broken arm.

Pocci — who stayed at the scene — was not initially cited, but the District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and decided to charge Pocci with reckless driving resulting in serious injury.

In an online interview, Pocci said he feared for his safety during the incident in which people were jumping and punching his car. Pocci said someone even opened the back door of the car and he was scared for himself, his girlfriend and a 9-year-old boy in the vehicle.

Pocci filed a claim that alleges the city of San Diego created dangerous conditions during an unpermitted event.


  • James

    Alright fellows, let’s look at this realistically, and legally. Man driving car slowly waiting for crowd to part. Crowd of un costumed people begin bashing you car. Right here is were he gains the right to run them down. They assaulted his private property, endangered his life, his significant others life, and a child’s life. Any fool should be able to see this. At the moment one of them opened the door, he had the right to use lethal force against them. They were then not only threatening assault on him, his property, his female, his child, assaulting his car physically, verbally, And trespassing. This man is being hurt for a crime caused by the incompetent idiots this city is plagued by. After all that, throw in the fact the man is disabled…. This woman should be facing charges, if not the whole crowd. I could see the entire crowd being charged with assault, psychological trauma, assault on private property, and damages of private property, what’s happening to our world when the public sits by and watches this kind of crap. Stand up and defend what’s right.

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