Mom claims cuddling brought her son back to life at birth

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In a Johnson’s Baby Care commercial, a young mom shared her experience of when she thought she lost her son at his birth.

Kate Ogg had twins, a boy and girl, that were born premature. Soon after they arrived the doctor told Kate and her husband David that the boy didn’t make it, WQAD reported.

Kate said she grabbed the baby from the doctor and asked her husband to help her surround the baby with body heat.

“I ordered David to get his clothes off and get into bed with me because I wanted as much body heat around this baby as possible because he was cold and I wanted him to be warm and alive,” Kate recalled.

She said she held the baby close, letting the baby hear her heartbeat.  Talking to the baby, Kate said she and David told him about his sister, his family, and the plans they had for him.

“So, we’re bawling our eyes out and holding him and then he started to move, and we thought, ‘What? What’s happening?’”

Kate said she called the midwives back into the room and told them the baby was moving and breathing. Kate recalled that the midwives said the baby was dying and that she needed to say goodbye.

“And we never let go of him,” Kate said. “His skin was against mine the entire time.”

The baby then opened his eyes and grabbed his dad’s finger. The parents got to take their twin babies home and with the arrival of another son a year later, they are the parents of three growing children.

Kate said the baby was able to survive because of the body heat of his mother and father holding him.

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