Model who is almost 9 months pregnant is so fit she has abs

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LOS ANGELES -- A pregnant Los Angeles model is sparking conversation across the internet for her extremely fit physique.

Sarah Stage, 30, has visible abs even though she is almost 9 months pregnant. Stage regularly posts pictures of her baby bump on her Instagram account, where she has 1.2 million followers, WPIX reported.

Stage says her baby is now 5 lbs. The model posts pictures of herself working out and of her healthy meals. She has a website to "share her journey of pregnancy and motherhood."

Despite many saying Stage seems to skinny for a pregnant woman, others have jumped to her defense. Stage also seems to be taking the criticism in stride.

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Hi 🐨 tan by @bondisands #34weeks

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  • db

    This is just an example of excellent musculature and is probably a prime example of how pregnancy should look when we are of excellent health and physically fit. She has kept her muscle and it has provided a protective shield around her abs and midsection just as it should pregnant or not. This should be admired not ridiculed or discussed. She has good posture and strong muscles that are elastic enough to accommodate and protect baby

  • angie

    It’s good to stay fit and exercise during pregnancy but I think she has pushed it a little to far. Being to active can actually hurt the baby. Causing it to be under weight, under developed, and even cause birth defects. I’m worried for her babies health. I hope all goes well for both of them.

  • Holly

    Am I the only one to notice the pictures showed the hashtag #34 weeks. #34 weeks means she has 6 weeks left, that’s a month and a half. It would be more like 7 and a half months pregnant and who knows if she’s telling the truth that this picture is recent or if her due date is accurate. If this story is even true, shame on people for positively supporting it. Even very thin women usually look much bigger than this with a healthy pregnancy and no pregnant woman should be pressured to keep a thin figure. The doctors measure pregnant women at every visit to make sure their belly is growing to the appropriate size for the number of weeks she is along and I doubt she would meet expected size. I feel sorry for women who have not so bright husbands or boyfriends who may end up pressuring the mother of their child to unrealistically try to keep a good figure because of this story.

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