Councilmember proposes city services phone system

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SAN DIEGO -- A city councilman wants to make it easier for San Diegans who need information and services to be able to contact the city.

Councilman Mark Kersey has proposed a 3-1-1 phone system that could be a one-stop shop.

"I think it's really asking a lot of our citizens that they know the number to the water department or they know the number to the streets department,” said Kersey.

Kersey says 3-1-1 would be a number people could call if they have potholes on their street, broken traffic lights or spot water leaks in the city.

He says nearly half the local governments in the country already have a 3-1-1 system or are considering one.

It’s unclear how much the system would cost San Diego, but Kersey doesn’t think it will be costly.

"This would be taking people who are already doing this kind of work and just kind of moving them to a more centralized call center,” said Kersey.

He says a centralized phone system will save the city and residents a lot of time.

He’s asked for the 3-1-1 system to be put on an upcoming city council budget agenda. If well-received, San Diego could see the system in place as early as 2016.

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  • jonny2nite

    It is not that we can’t get contact info for the city, when we contact them we don’t get a response or the request is ignored. example many people complained about the intersection in Point Loma where there have been 8 accidents recently with no response from the city. Now a 7 month old girl is dead.

  • Shawn Fox

    For repair requests, a smart phone app would be better so that you can take advantage of GPS technology and simply type in a description. The phone would just attach the current location automatically.

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