Students find teacher hanging in Orange County classroom

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PLACENTIA, Calif. – Students arriving to school in Orange County walked into a high school classroom and found their teacher hanging from the ceiling, police said.

Jillian Jacobson, 31, of Anaheim was found hanging from the ceiling at El Dorado High School at 1651 Valencia Avenue in Placentia Monday morning.

Officials told the L.A. Times that when firefighters arrived to the school, they found the teacher on the ground. Students and other teachers had placed her on the floor inside a classroom, said Capt. Steve Concialdi of the Orange County Fire Authority.

Paramedics tried but were unable to revive her. She died inside the classroom, he said.

Jacobson was a photography teacher who had been at the school about 10 years, Point told KTLA. Her husband had been notified of her death, he said.

The door was locked when students arrived for their first-period class, and after another teacher came to let them in, the teens discovered their teacher, the lieutenant said.

An initial investigation indicated the teacher had killed herself, according to Point. No note was left and detectives were not sure why she had committed suicide.

Jacobson was a popular teacher who had close friends among the faculty, Point said.

Some students on campus were distraught.

“It’s sad for the students and fellow teachers who witnessed that,” Concialdi said.

An autopsy was expected to take place later in the week, according to a press release on the Orange County coroner’s website. She was found in Room 902, and her death was believed to have occurred at 12:45 a.m., the coroner’s post stated.

There was an “emergency medical situation” involving a teacher at the school, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Kevin Lee said earlier Monday. Students were safe and officials were working to release students early, Lee said.

Counselors were at the school, campus officials on scene said.

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  • Layla

    All I can think about is how selfish her act was. You can kill yourself if you like, but to do it at school, and not give a damn that kids would most likely see it, that’s disgusting.

    • Robert

      It just goes to show you how mentally ill she really was. I hope no dark, harbored secrets are discovered. Like illicit relationship(s) with students.

    • Jay

      If that’s your response then you are completely ignorant to what it means to be mentally ill. I pray you & your loved ones never have to experience it.

  • scallywagy

    Officials have held that they do not have an identifiable reason as to what may have prompted the popular teacher to end her life. And why particularly she chose to take her life at her place of work, where the teacher would have been aware that her students would come across her body and be haunted by her death? Then perhaps that too might also be indicative of her reason to kill herself?

  • Linda Camacho

    This is awful for everyone — her, her family, her students, here friends– the depths of whatever she was feeling must have been overwhelming for do this in such a way at such a place.

  • DollarLoc

    I think somebody might had killed her and made it looked like a suicide!! or it night had something to do with somebody her was in love with or somebody at school….

  • Kaela

    It’s easy to judge a story you haven’t lived, 
    Screaming that she’s selfish and punishing the kids? 
    Trapping your minds in the black-and-white mentality,
    When nobody knows the truth or the reality.
    See life may be easier for somebody like you, 
    who always has the answers -knows exactly what to do,
    But pointing your fingers doesn’t change a single thing,
    All you can do is find someone to blame.
    But before you speak all that hate and that futility, 
    Look in the mirror and search for some humility.
    See – not every heartache only lasts for a season,
    Desperation doesn’t know any rhyme or reason.
    Instead of spitting words that have no resolution,
    Learn from a life that was taken in confusion.
    Counter your judgment and hate with compassion,
    The only way to stop this is by putting love in action.

    • Cathy Lemieux

      Kaela you do understand what the family lives with forever. Sorry you are part of our painfilled family. But you are right it’s love and understanding that will make the difference.

  • Cathy Lemieux

    Now about the woman interviewed on the news. Wow what a mean and unfeeling person. Someone died, does it really matter how? It’s painful for those who knew and cared about her. It’s not a “LIFE LESSON”!!!! It’s a pain I pray you never know. It’s learning to live different, because all your plans and dreams for that person are gone. Kids need love and a parent who cares not a person who feels this is a “LIFE LESSON”. Shame on you!!!

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