‘Dusting’ of snow draws hundreds to Mt. Laguna

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SAN DIEGO - Crowds flocked to Mt. Laguna to see the snow, have snow fights and go sledding on Sunday.

San Diegans tried to make the most out of what the National Weather Service said was just a "dusting of snow." That dusting brought in a deluge of customers to Pine House Cafe.

Nica Knite owns Pine House Cafe and said nearly 1,000 people came in to her restaurant Sunday.

"It's insane," said Knite. "An individual snow day can be five to 10 times a normal days business even though it's a weekend."


The NWS said the weather was between 32 and 34 degrees in Mt. Laguna during the day and it would dip to the 20s at night.

It was the perfect temperature to keep people coming to the mountain - something that kept Knite very happy.

"It was chilly but it was actually a very pleasant snow day - snow days up here can be blizzard like conditions," said Knite.

Mt. Laguna is expecting about two to four inches of snow overnight. The snow is expected to continue until Monday.

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