Chargers stadium task force to host public forum Monday

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Qualcomm Stadium

Qualcomm Stadium

SAN DIEGO — The advisory group formed to find a site and develop a financing plan for a new football stadium in San Diego announced Wednesday it will hold a meeting March 2 to take input from the public.

The forum will take place at 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Qualcomm Stadium in the Club Lounge Area, the aging facility the Chargers are hoping to vacate. Gates open at 5 p.m. and parking will be free.

“We want to hear about (the public’s) good ideas and we want to know what their concerns are as we work toward selecting a site for a new stadium and developing a financing plan for public consideration,” said Adam Day, who chairs the task force.

“The advisory group is in the information-gathering phase, so we appreciate the information the Chargers shared with us this week,” Day said. “We had a good first meeting with the team, and we expect to meet with representatives from San Diego County and San Diego State University next.”

Meanwhile, the Chargers’ point-man in their long-running stadium search told City News Service that team president and CEO Dean Spanos would be willing to meet with San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

“Dean has met with the mayor before, and of course I have met with the mayor and his staff on many occasions,” said Mark Fabiani, who has led the team’s quest since the early 2000s. “Dean would be happy to meet with the mayor again.”

Faulconer wrote Spanos Tuesday and suggested a one-on-one get-together in an effort to defuse rising tensions involving the task force and mayor’s office.

Fabiani wrote Faulconer Tuesday to ask — among other things — why members of his staff attended the task force meeting referred to by Day, and if the group was really independent. The letter went on to suggest that political and media consultants who attended have conflicts of interest.

Faulconer subsequently wrote Spanos to complain about Fabiani’s ongoing criticism of the task force since it was announced last month.

Matt Awbrey, a spokesman for Faulconer, said mayoral staff is aware of Fabiani’s comment that Spanos is willing to meet, and has called the team to confirm.

“Mayor Faulconer looks forward to meeting with Mr. Spanos in the next few days to discuss how to chart a positive course moving forward,” Awbrey said.

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  • Jeff Madruga

    GROUND RULES for our City Fathers in any meeting with Spanos’: 1. Remain standing, 2. Accept no drink, no pills, no invitations into another room, 3. Do not comment on the framed Jerry Sandusky and autographed Bill Cosby photos on the wall, 4. Believe nothing you hear at face value, 5. Keep both hands on your wallet, 6. Take a bodyguard, 7. Hire two more bodyguards to watch you and your bodyguard, 8. Do not shake hands or embrace, 9. Wear a crucifix, and; 10. Do not blink.
    Seriously, *ALWAYS* remember that you represent us citizens of San Diego and you’re dealing with a triad that has over 70 years of NFL franchise management experience here, yet lied to you are recently as last month. Remember that they conduct almost all of their business behind closed doors, and insist on using a “mouthpiece” to speak for them (15 years!). Remember that hey’ve cheated us before (ticket guarantee, money for invisible seats, etc.) and routinely use a “divide and conquer” strategy. Also remember: In 30 years they have nearly a 75% rate of missing the playoffs, fired a HC after their most successful regular season here [14-2, and for attempted nepotism!], fired another who never had a losing season and got them to their only Super Bowl, fired HoF finalist Coach Don Coryell, traded pending HoF LB Junior Seau, and cut future HoF RB L.T. Clearly these people know and care deeply about football (?!). Also keep these fundamental questions in the back of your mind as you try and “deal” with these…, ah…, “businessmen”: (1) You’ve *already* been chastised, talked down to, lied to, and coerced into shortening your Task Force timeline, (2) You’re considering 25-30 years of *major* City debt (for a private business most citizens here can’t afford to use, yet making one rich family richer), at the end of which the potential Stadium will be considered “obsolete” again, and (3) After blushing through a few decades of bumbling, highly suspect local Mayors (Golding, O’Connor, Filner, etc,) in “America’s Finest City”, that cringe-worthy legacy and the opportunity to *right it* now rests in your hands. Will it be inept “business as usual” with the NFL “usual suspects” (who already arbitrarily cast us out for Super Bowls here), or will you have the nerve and diligence to see through the purposeful fog the NFL, the Spanos’, and their wee monkey routinely lay down before and during negotiations?! Ask yourselves: WHY do they do that? WHY can’t…, for over 15 years…, any Spanos here simply form these seven words; “We promise to stay in San Diego.” That sure is some sort of speech impediment they’ve got! No wonder they hire a mouthpiece.

  • Duncan

    How about the old speedway site in El Cajon??? Large enough and close to freeways going north, south, east and west! Land is cleared and vacant already for immediate use…

  • Mike

    Ridiculous. The city can’t solve more important issues like cost of living, streets, water, pensions, zoning regulations that deter green energy – but – want a billion dollar stadium. Sad how realistic priorities are pushed aside for an embellishment. I say no to a stadium funded in any way by taxpayers and focus on solving fundamental issues that will undermine an otherwise wonderful city.

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