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San Diego stands to lose if Chargers move

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SAN DIEGO -  The Chargers proposal to move the team to Los Angeles County jolted football fans, but would the relocation make a big financial dent in the San Diego economy?

"It's a huge dollars and cents impact, it's part of the fabric of who we are, that's why I'm fighting so hard and standing up for San Diegans," San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said.

But just how big is the financial fight to keep the Chargers?

President of the National University System Institute for Policy Research Erik Bruvold said losing the team doesn't necessarily mean the city will lose money.

"People have found that there's not that much of an impact," Bruvold said. "When people don't spend money on football games, when they don't spend money on Charger tickets, they spent their money on other things inside the local economy."

The researcher said the move could boost the Chargers franchise.

"It's conceivable that the evaluation of a team like the Chargers--if they really started to win a lot more significantly they have in the last couple years -- they could easily be two times what they are right now," said Greg McKee, president of Connect, a San Diego-based tech and life sciences nonprofit.

There's one thing that could make the move financially questionable would be the St. Louis Rams. The midwest team has been eyeing a home just 13 miles away from Carson in Inglewood.

"The sense I got is that the Chargers are concerned that those fans will move over and they won't go to Chargers games, they'll go to Rams games. That's their number one concern right now," said McKee.

While the Rams decide what to do next, Mayor Faulconer said he already knows what he wants.

"[We have a] great group of volunteers really looking at the numbers in this which is what you need in order to have a plan that is successful. I'm confident they will come up with a plan that makes sense and keeps the Chargers in San Diego," said Faulconer.

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  • Nick C

    Hey Deano good luck in filling your new stadium in Carson, the way I see it 80% here is a whole lot better than the 20% of Charger fans there. I’m a die hard Charger fan but I’ll be damned if I drive anywhere in LA to see the LA chargers especially Carson,I grew up in the LA area & would avoid driving thru Carson let alone parking or getting out of my car there for 3 hours.

  • Nick C

    Did anybody notice the ratio of Charger fans to Raider fans at the news conference in Carson it was like 1.5 Charger fans in jerseys to about 20 in Raider jerseys . Will SD Charger fans drive to LA ? No way

  • bob

    since football is not so much a family sport and in the past so many drunk actions, fires in the parking lot from coals under the car,it wouldn’t be so bad to have them in LA since it costs so much to go to a game and its only 16 games its like going to disneyland or knotts berry farm a one day event that is way overpriced. Lets demolish qualcomm and put in low income senior apts for all the baby boomers that are out there now on social security. It would show that the city cares. San Diego State can build their own stadium as why should it be on city owned land and look at how many days qualcomm isn’t used during the year.

    • Joshua H

      Great idea!
      The city should use ALL of the money they “planned” for a stadium for housing the homeless and seniors instead!
      The Chargers and Comic Con should move to better territory where they can be more successful!
      The city of S.D. is run by MORONS and CRIMINALS!
      RUN Chargers and RUN SDCC! SAVE yourselves!

      • BornandRaisedSanDiego

        The City was run by fools, (Bob Filner and fellows) however, our current Mayor seems to be focused on finding a way to create a better city for all. I hope we can get behind our Mayor and finally get some things accomplished.

  • Carl McElvany

    If the Chargers move to LA, I will no longer be a fan. I’ve been a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan since 1982, but LA is crap. I will find a new team; Cardinals?

    Another consideration; what self-respecting high-quality player would want to play for a team that has to share a stadium…especially with the Raiders? This is a dumb decision, unless it’s simply a bluff

  • Hector

    The Chargers and the City are fools, the tax payers don’t want more taxes. Food prices are up, unemployment is up, what would the tax payers get in return? Tell the residents of North Park they get to see more taxes so th Chargers can get a ne stadium, what do you think they would say?

  • Howard M.

    No big deal…we defiantly do not need another stadium. And the Chargers as team has been nothing but a drain on the city. Let the loosing team bully another city around. Of course, the mayor’s building backers will be upset but he will be out of office before anything gets done anyway. Pack up and ship off!

  • BornandRaisedSanDiego

    As a life long resident of San Diego it is a shame we are in this situation. Past failures of our local government looking out only for their own pocketbooks are to blame for the people of San Diego not trusting the council to use tax payer money in the best interest of the people. The Chargers have spent 10+ years and over 10 million dollars trying to find a good way to build a new stadium here with no luck. Petco Park has reshaped the San Diego Skyline for the better and has helped recreate the Gaslamp and East Village, a new Charger stadium would only add value to our city. Its to bad Mayor Faulconer came in to late to make these changes before our past forgettable mayor choices. I wish the best for the Bolts in a city that actually values the team.

  • BornandRaisedSanDiego

    Chargers have spent 10+ years and 15 million dollars trying to find a plan to build a stadium here. The biggest reason it has not happened is the failure of our past local governments, they have made bad choices after bad choices involving tax payer dollars and their own pensions. Petco Park has completely changed our Gaslamp and East Villages for the better and adding a Charger Stadium would make out Bay front one of the best in the country. Mayor Faulconer is finally trying to put together a logical plan that makes sense for our cities future. I hope there is a way to keep the bolts but if not I don’t blame them for moving.

  • john province

    It can’t be about the local economic impact. That’s just the sales pitch. In the 90’s, aerospace relocated to Denver and Phoenix, taking nearly 20,000 high paying jobs with it. The mayor and council’s response was to wave bye bye and do nothing. You might ask yourself why they’re fighting so hard to keep a football team and who benefits from that. Follow the money and ask “who benefits?” and it will take you to the truth.

  • Bill

    I think the Spanos’ s and any other big businesses should pay for the new stadium themselves!!!! No one is paying for a small business owner to own their businesses. Everyone knows small businesses drive the economy. Bye bye Spanos pay for it yourself!!!

  • John Doe

    Has anyone noticed they already removed San Diego from their website.. It used to say San Diego Chargers on their logo, it now says Chargers… They want to move, they been planning it for some time now in secret. Let them leave. Other teams in search of a new stadium (lets say Rams) WOULD LOVE to play in San Diego. Maybe they will not mind paying for half the stadium, We will get the better deal too. Chargers can leave and play in Carson with no fans.. (At least their games wont be blacked out for us here in San Diego. And Carson wont mind the blackout since no one there really supports the Chargers anyways.. They can share a stadium with their rival team, in a city who mainly supports their rivals.

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