Plans for Chargers-Raiders stadium to be detailed in Carson

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SAN DIEGO — A coalition of business and community leaders in the Los Angeles County city of Carson Friday will detail a plan to build a $1.7 billion NFL stadium that would house the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders — if the teams can’t strike stadium deals in their respective cities.

The coalition, Carson2gether, said they will are spear-heading a major community effort to get voter approval for the construction of an NFL football stadium to be used by the Chargers and Raiders. The group will discuss the stadium proposal at a 10 a.m. news conference that will be broadcast live on Fox 5 and


The teams announced Thursday they were working together on the plan for a stadium at Del Amo Boulevard and the San Diego (405) Freeway.

“We have both been working in our home markets to find a stadium solution for many years, so far unsuccessfully,” according to a joint statement issued by the teams. “We remain committed to continuing to work in our home markets throughout 2015 to try to find publicly acceptable solutions to the long-term stadium issue.

“… We are pursuing this stadium option in Carson for one straightforward reason: If we cannot find a permanent solution in our home markets, we have no alternative but to preserve other options to guarantee the future economic viability of our franchises.”

The teams are working with a business and labor coalition calling itself Carson2gether, which will hold a news conference this morning to discuss a petition drive to put the plan for a 72,000-seat stadium before voters.

The teams are planning a privately financed stadium that would include 18,000 parking spaces with room for tailgating, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The city of San Diego has created a task force charged with finding a stadium site for the Chargers and developing a financing plan. Adam Day, chairman of that task force, called news of the Carson proposal “a complete surprise.”

“… While it’s disappointing to hear the Chargers are moving forward with plans in Los Angeles, we remain committed to finding a solution in San Diego,” Day said. “We’re working toward selecting a site and developing a financing plan for a stadium, and we’re going to stay focused on that.”

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the city still plans to move ahead with efforts to keep the Chargers in the city — but he had harsh words for the team.

“It’s now abundantly clear that while we have been working here in San Diego to create a plan for a new stadium, the Chargers have for some time been making their own plans for moving to Los Angeles,” he said. “This would amount to abandoning generations of loyal Chargers fans.”

The Times reported that the Chargers and Raiders have already purchased the 168-acre plot of land in Carson from Starwood Capital Group.

The NFL responded to the Carson proposal with a brief statement: “We are in regular contact with all involved clubs. All clubs have been meeting their responsibilities to keep us informed.”

Earlier this month, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the creation of a Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities to evaluate stadium options in the area. He also reminded team owners that relocating a franchise requires “multiple approvals from NFL ownership,” and such a move “can only be granted by a three-fourths vote of the clubs.”

News of the proposal comes about a month after St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke joined with the developers of the former Hollywood Park site in Inglewood to announce plans for an 80,000-seat stadium at the location.

The Rams are also pushing for a new stadium in St. Louis.

The Hollywood Park developers have already collected enough signatures to have the stadium issue placed on the city ballot. The Inglewood City Council is expected to certify the signatures during its meeting on Tuesday.

The city of Los Angeles, meanwhile, has an agreement in place with the Anschutz Entertainment Group for a possible NFL stadium adjacent to the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles. That deal is contingent on an NFL team agreeing to relocate to the facility.

Developer Ed Roski has also been pushing a stadium proposal in Industry.

An NFL team has not played in the Los Angeles area since 1994.

The Los Angeles Raiders played at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum from 1982-1994 before returning to Oakland in 1995. The Los Angeles Rams played in the Coliseum from 1946-1979 and at what was then known as Anaheim Stadium from 1980-1994 before moving to St. Louis in 1995.

The Chargers played at the Coliseum in their inaugural 1960 season when they were a member of the American Football League, then moved to San Diego in 1961.

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  • Kevin Fields

    San Diego knows how to fix it build a stadium and everyone’s happy. 14 years I would have little faith that San Diego can get it done.

    • Joshua H

      Our “leaders” can’t get a pothole fixed!
      They will never do anything that is good for the citizens of San Diego.
      They only know how to pad their pockets and those of their friends!

      Run Chargers and RUN ComicCon!
      Save yourselves before it’s too late!

  • Jeff Madruga

    A Charger-Raider-Ram three-way?!? How GROSS!!! This news is the NFL and three owners triple-downing on abject greed and stupidity. There’s no more room, not even memory, for this sort of multi-generational craven betrayal. This is like finding out your minor kids and step-kids are all having sex with each other, on the internet, led by your new wife and your pastor; right after they completely drained your bank account and joined ISIL. If *this* is the “new” NFL, you can have it. Whether it’s true or simply more extortion hardly matters anymore; all we really know is the type of scum we’re dealing with, and I’m d-o-n-e with them. That Premier League Soccer on TV is looking better already!!

  • scott

    Mayor don’t turn this against the Chargers. San Diego politics and you are the problem. Pull your head out of your A$$ and save our team. The team has been straight forward with us. That’s something we could only pray for from our local government.

  • Sd native

    How about we fix the roads, get our infrastructure updated, maybe pay teachers, you know, a fare wage? Then, and only then we think about throwing $ towards this franchise.

  • DANO

    Did ANY of 5 news notice when mayor Kevin Faulconer at end of speech promises to keep deal here he RUBS HIS NOSE AND GIVES A WEIRD GLANCE AT CAMERA. . This a 100% tell sign of the body language unconscious LYE! Look it up, I’m not lying. Watch the video. Sorry, I think were not being told the truth and its going to be a disappointment for the public who doesn’t get to go to those private meetings. (9 months of Carson meetings(if only 9) & not one person from San Diego or Oakland knew this was coming! ) Come on! I’m not buying it. And if all said and done and no one actually knew, well then we’re not being told the truth now! Here’s some truth– those billionaires aren’t rich for being stupid..

    • DANO

      Haaa! Now I’m putting FOX 5 on blast! The 1pm. Afternoon clip with our mayor ..THEY CUT OUT THE LAST WORDS.. where he does the nose rub. This is all a joke! Redeem yourself FOX 5. You have the 4pm, 5pm, & 6pm to show the Entire interview clip with mayor Kevin Faulconer.

      • DANO

        Well done FOX.. you played the footage of him rubbing his nose.. but only with the newscaster lady talking over the actual interview. Oh well.. hope someone else caught it. I’ll wait for the next slip. Don’t forget about the power of body language people. Words aren’t the only way people lie.

  • liam

    there is a sellout crowd today at Qualcomm Stadium not a parking space available. Is it at Chargers game or is it the auto parts Expo? I sure hope the auto parts Expo doesn’t move to LA.

  • Joshua H

    We have had clowns and crooks running San Diego for the past 25 years!
    Corrupt, vile politicians, police, developers, judges, lawyers, investors, and more…so what do you expect except that any business or any tax paying, hard working family is going to get out of here ASAP!

    Comic Con should also leave and go to Anaheim! And any other serious business or organization!

    San Diego is a city with a poor financial rating and deep in debt! Can’t hire quality police, fix pot holes or the sidewalks, no full time court or library hours, pension debt, neighborhoods neglected, crime rampant, schools neglected, homeless uncared for, gangs, drugs, high housing costs, small businesses dying, parks not maintained,… ……the list is long and getting longer.

    Run Chargers RUN! Get out while you can! Comic Con, too!

    Don’t be held back by a city that lives in the past and has poor quality “leaders” running it, AND NO MONEY but plenty of mouth and false promises!

    Time to get Sanders, Faulconer, Goldsmith, Sherman, etc. OUT of office and out of all “leadership” roles!
    Time for the citizens to steer this ship instead of the bozos we have had for years!

    My advice to any business in San Diego? Run! Don’t walk out of here! RUN!

  • Julio

    Elections are next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled off some kind of deal. It doesn’t have to be a good deal, just enough to get the votes.

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