Faulconer vows fight on for San Diego stadium deal

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SAN DIEGO – A visibly angry Mayor Kevin Faulconer told Fox 5 Friday morning that he will continue to fight for a stadium deal in San Diego despite being blindsided by the announcement Thursday that the Chargers are working with the Raiders to build an NFL stadium in Los Angeles County.

Faulconer said that he was taken by complete surprise by the teams’ announcement Thursday night.

‘It explains a lot about a lot of the animosity we saw out of the Chargers. It turns out they weren’t just monitoring things in L.A., they were actively working with the Raiders. You know, San Diegans deserve better,” the mayor said.  “It’s not going to dissuade us from doing our job that we need to do -- to put a plan together here in San Diego, and I’m committed to that.”

“The fact that San Diegans had to read about this in the newspaper today, the fact that (the Chargers) have clearly been working on this for nine months – that’s not being upfront. That’s not being honest about your intentions. I’m concerned about our fans here. I’m not concerned about 20 percent of the L.A. fans. I’m going to be standing up for San Diegans and that’s exactly what I’m going to do for the next several weeks,” Faulconer said.

The mayor said getting caught off guard by Chargers’ announcement made it difficult to move ahead with stadium negotiations, but he was committed to working out a local deal.

“It makes it difficult, but at the same time, I’m looking forward to very direct conversations with Dean Spanos, and we’re going to continue to fight for San Diegans, fight to get a stadium deal done here. But you know how you do it? You’re upfront and you’re honest.”

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  • toad8572

    After 9 years of “no!”, who can blame the Chargers for looking at other options. Their patience has been amazing! Kevin Faulconer, having just been elected, is very late to the party. I applaud the effort to close a deal, but I sure can’t fault the Spanos clan for moving on with alternate plans.

  • Jim

    I like how this is the Chargers Fault when the City of San Diego has been stringing the Chargers along for years telling them that they will get a Stadium and nothing has ever come of that.
    It looks like the Chargers are right; the Mayor is just going to politicize this instead of actually doing something about it.

    • joebalboa33

      That was his intention with the advisory group. It gave him the opportunity to do nothing but say he still tried to do something by making the group. He’s got some work to do now if he really means he’s committed.

      • DANO

        Exactly. . Ya he’s been in office for a little time..but his”group” could of been formed at least 9 months ago, not two weeks before city Carson makes this huge announcement.. any connection. .I don’t know, just saying

  • DANO

    Did ANY of 5 news notice when mayor Kevin Faulconer at end of speech promises to keep deal here he RUBS HIS NOSE AND GIVES A WEIRD GLANCE AT CAMERA. . This a 100% tell sign of the body language unconscious LYE! Look it up, I’m not lying. Watch the video. Sorry, I think were not being told the truth and its going to be a disappointment for the public who doesn’t get to go to those private meetings. (9 months of Carson meetings(if only 9) & not one person from San Diego or Oakland knew this was coming! ) Come on! I’m not buying it

    • DANO

      Haaa! Now I’m putting FOX 5 on blast! The 1pm. Afternoon clip with our mayor ..THEY CUT OUT THE LAST WORDS.. where he does the nose rub. This is all a joke! Redeem yourself FOX 5. You have the 4pm, 5pm, & 6pm to show the Entire interview clip with mayor Kevin Faulconer. Or your just as fake as this story

    • DANO

      So is FOX.. well played though.. they played the footage of him rubbing his nose.. but only with the newscaster lady talking over the actual interview. Oh well.. hope someone else caught it. I’ll wait for the next slip. Don’t forget about the power of body language people. Words aren’t the only way people lie.

  • joshua H

    We have had clowns and crooks running San Diego for the past 25 years!
    Corrupt, vile politicians, police, developers, judges, lawyers, investors, and more…so what do you expect except that any business or any tax paying, hard working family is going to get out of here ASAP!

    Comic Con should also leave and go to Anaheim! And any other serious business or organization!

    San Diego is a city with a poor financial rating and deep in debt! Can’t hire quality police, fix pot holes or the sidewalks, no full time court or library hours, pension debt, neighborhoods neglected, crime rampant, schools neglected, homeless uncared for, gangs, drugs, high housing costs, small businesses dying, parks not maintained,… ……the list is long and getting longer.

    Run Chargers RUN! Get out while you can! Comic Con, too!

    Don’t be held back by a city that lives in the past and has poor quality “leaders” running it, AND NO MONEY but plenty of mouth and false promises!

    Time to get Sanders, Faulconer, Goldsmith, Sherman, etc. OUT of office and out of all “leadership” roles!
    Time for the citizens to steer this ship instead of the bozos we have had for years!

    My advice to any business in San Diego? Run! Don’t walk out of here! RUN!

  • Rudy from el cajon .

    Let`s go public with the san diego chargers just like the green bay packers, we all can own are own nfl san diego team !

  • John Burke

    Be careful not to criticize any Fox 5 reporters for completely lacking journalistic skills (Maria Arciega-Dunn for instance) or comment on their failure to do their homework before spewing out ridiculous stories or the entire comments section will mysteriously disappear. Fox 5 can spew out knowingly bogus stories but when called on it can’t handle criticism.

  • Casey Loewen

    Why should the Chargers get a new stadium? They suck at personnel decisions and they suck year after year. Let Fabiani and the Spanos crooks go to L.A. where they will fade into obscurity.

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