Republicans target Peters for defeat in 2016

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SAN DIEGO – Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, was among 19 Democratic representatives targeted for defeat in the 2016 election cycle, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced Thursday.

“As Nancy Pelosi continues to pull her smaller and weaker caucus of House Democrats to the far left, we are going to make sure that these vulnerable Democrats are held responsible for their disastrous policies,” said Katie Martin, the communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee, referring to the House minority leader.

Peters’ being targeted “isn’t news to us,” his district Chief of Staff MaryAnne Pintar told City News Service.

“We’re a classic swing district and we’re always going to have a tough race,” Pintar said.

“Representative Peters remains focused on growing our economy, being a great representative, and giving top-notch constituent service. This is the best way to earn the voters’ trust, support and re-election.”

Peters was re-elected to a second term in November, defeating former San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio, 51.6 percent-48.4 percent.