Hot Tub Time Machine 2

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Okay, let’s admit it. When we all heard the title “Hot Tub Time Machine” five years ago, we thought it would be awful. And a funny thing happened on the way to the film. It was actually funny!

Sequels are always hit-and-miss, usually miss. Yet with wacky comedies, you can get away with crazy silliness. That’s what is so perplexing about this movie. It was soooo bad. It’ll make you wish you had a Hot Tub Time Machine, so you could go back an hour and a half, and not waste your time and money watching it.

There might have been more penis jokes than any other movie I’ve seen. Even more than Boogie Nights, which was about a porn star that was known for the size of his.

This is the first movie Rob Corddry has been in where you despise him. He’s usually much added comic relief, and was perfect in the first movie. Instead of being one in four, he’s the protagonist.

The Lou Dorcher character is so despicable in this, that when a scene early on has him shot in the crotch (where else?), you’re kind of hoping he’ll die.

Instead, despite his son (Clark Duke) and friend Nick Webber (Craig Robinson) not liking him much, go back into the time machine to find out who shot him during the party.

Instead, they end up in the future. The son has the nice mansion and gorgeous girl – and they have to figure out what exactly is going on.

There were opportunities for humor. Webber is no longer this Grammy winning musical genius. He’s a guy that people just want to hear play some goofy novelty hit he had with a dumb dance. Webber also shows signs of guilt at stealing songs before the original songwriters can release them (that does lead to a great cameo).

Adam Scott is added to the cast, and he doesn’t have a single funny line in the entire movie. Rumor has it he agreed to do the film without seeing the script. I’m guessing that won’t happen again.

There were a few scenes “borrowed” from Back to the Future 2, and a concluding scene that’s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. It also even rehashes bits from the first Hot Tub Time Machine.

There were a few laughs here and there. When somebody calls it a Jacuzzi time machine, and there’s an argument over that being a brand name, someone says, “I have to be a stickler on that.”

Yet I have to be a stickler on how the rules they created for time travel work. Sure, they can go back in time and become The Beatles. I’m just not sure how it would work for the character that became Michael Jordan. Wouldn’t you have to be good at basketball? How does going back in time give you that ability?

It’s easy to see why John Cusack skipped out on this lame cash-grab.

The biggest laugh I had was when I was leaving the screening with my friend John Dixon. I said, “Why did they even make a second one?”

He replied, “We had so many pressing questions left over from the first.”

This gets 1 star out of 5.

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  • bob

    And once again you give this a one which was not good at all.I think the best part was the still pics of different people like Einstein, Lincoln and others which gave it something but not enough for a one. At least the boy next door deserved a one for just having Je-lo in it but oh well I’m not a critic so I just not wired or unwired like that. Not much to say please no 3 but what the hell there will be another shade of grey so just go for it as Im sure a lot of actors need the work and have no shame.

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