High school vandalized in apparent rivalry prank

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SAN DIEGO -- Serra High School students were victims of vandalism at the hands of Patrick Henry High School students just days before a big basketball game.

“They had gone too far this time. It was shocking,” said Serra High junior, Kiley Hubbard. She described graffiti that stretched from the gym to the football field, along with streamers and Patrick Henry shirts stapled on the wall.

School officials covered up the paint quickly but the images spread quickly to both campuses via social media.

The Conquistadors and Patriots play Friday night. Students say the rivalry has been going on for years.

“I don’t know the real meaning behind it. But both of us see each other as a threat so we pick each other out for competition,” said Patrick Henry junior, Nicholas Martin.

On its website, Serra High School posted a message to students and parents about the incident.

“On behalf of the student body at Patrick Henry High School, I would like to apologize for the vandalism that occurred on your campus the night of Feb. 18,” Patrick Henry Principal Sam Sweeny wrote. “We regret that this happened and we certainly don’t want you to believe that this is a reflection of our entire student body.”

The message also showed a banner created by both schools as a symbol of friendship and respect.

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  • Jamal hoot hoot

    YO! thats my school! im from Patrick Henry, and dude i heard people that did this lost some LIFE opportunities. I think this is total BS because if they clean it up before school even started, like YO! not that big of a deal CHILL!!! Enjoy life!!! eat moldy blueberries that my momma gave me =) peace!

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