DA: Painter shot sports anchor Kyle Kraska 6 times

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SAN DIEGO -- A house painter accused of ambushing and repeatedly shooting CBS News 8 sports director Kyle Kraska in front of his Scripps Ranch home pleaded not guilty Tuesday to premeditated attempted murder and other charges.

Mike Montana, 54, was ordered held on $750,000 bail.

Deputy District Attorney Rebecca Zipp alleged Montana fired into Kraska's car just after 3 p.m. last Tuesday as the 48-year-old sportscaster was backing his Mercedes-Benz out of his driveway in the 12000 block of Avonette Court.

Zipp alleged that Montana -- who did painting work on the victim's house and was involved in a financial dispute over the job -- shot Kraska six times from several feet away, including twice in the upper body, with the intent to kill.

CBS News 8 initially reported Kraska suffered 10 gunshot wounds.

“The evidence indicates that this was a planned attack,'' the prosecutor said outside court.

The gunfire left several windows blown out of Kraska's silver Mercedes. The victim was found lying face-down on the pavement outside his car and was rushed to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.

Witnesses reported seeing an older-model white minivan with the words “Superior Painting'' on the sides speeding off after hearing the gunfire.

Montana was tracked to his El Cajon home, where he surrendered to SWAT officers about seven hours after the shooting. Deputy Public Defender Kevin Milmoe told Judge David Szumowski that Montana had lived in El Cajon for 12 years.

In addition to premeditated attempted murder with allegations that he caused great bodily injury and personally used a firearm, Montana is charged separately with making a verbal criminal threat to a woman last November, Zipp said.

The defendant faces nearly 38 years to life in prison if convicted, according to the prosecutor.

The judge set a Feb. 24 status conference and March 2 preliminary hearing date.

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  • Mike

    And SD Sheriff is still dragging their feet on concealed carry. The mentally challenged and criminals will always get their gun but law abiding citizens are being stonewalled. While I don’t like guns I do agree we need to have responsible citizens that can, if they choose, effectively protect those of us who choose not to carry.

    • Lester

      Montana had his guns legally. You wanted him to have concealed guns legally? Kraska was backing his car up when shot. How do you propose he would have returned fire while being ambushed and backing a car up? Try again.

  • Anna

    Now I was feeling so much empathy for the news castor (it does not excuse shooting) however this is a very wealthy man who was having a dispute with a 54 year old painter for doing a job for him. Being a painter you do not make much money…on top of that many customers will try to get out of paying you thinking … what can you do about it. You have some really horrible customers and people out there who try to take advantage of you because you generally do the job first and then get paid for it. Maybe the news castor isn’t such a great guy??? Maybe he is someone who likes to take advantage of the poor and I’m sure the painter has had many horrible customers … yet he apparently hasn’t gone around shooting any of them….what does this say. Maybe the painter was in the right and this wealthy man just felt like…yep I am on tv, wealthy, what are you going to do about it??? Just playing devils advocate and the courts are filled with wealthy yuppies who love the ‘same’ wealthy yuppies who automatically will side with the wealthy yuppie and not the poor hard working laborer…..who knows but how many times do the poor get screwed while the wealthy get felt sorry for and get away with everything??? He didn’t deserve to be shot by any means…..but how much at fault do we think he might have been in…..possibly acting disgusting towards this man sooooo much it caused this man to snap and do something ‘that’ terrible that he has never done in the 54 years he’s been alive……

    • Amy

      Ok so you’re basing this on what? How do you know the painter did his job correctly? How do you know it was the wealthy man being a jerk or trying to screw people? Oh and this man you say had never snapped before has a pending criminal case for harassing and threats to another woman. A completely different case. Now before you go off and figure I’m taking sides or anything, I am not rich by any means. I struggle and struggle a lot. My husband has been out if work for a couple months. So I’m not one of those wealthy jerks sticking up for the wealthy. Just because the anchor is wealthy does mean he was wrong. No one deserves to be shot over money, shot 6 times to boot!! How do you know that this guy didn’t do a bad job or what if he didn’t finish the job? Or maybe the rich guy was a jerk? I don’t know, you don’t know so before you go condoning such horrific behavior and trash talking a man who’s laying in a hospital having just been shot 6 times you should get some hard facts behind your rant.

  • Anna

    He must have said or done something to this painter to get him to snap like that….not deserving of being shot but hhhmmmmmm makes someone think of what the entire story is…but the wealthy will always have the upper hand over the poor blue collar poor …

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