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Tennis Angel gives back to the community

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SAN DIEGO -- Angel Lopez is one of the premier tennis coaches in San Diego. With a coaching style that focuses on technique, consistency, and passion, it's no surprise he has found much success.

"Winning is fun," said Lopez. "Losing, not so fun. But if you teach a good foundation you teach players how to win."

From Zina Garrison to Kelly Jones, Lopez's ability to bring the best out of his players has shined on the national stage. But it's his local work-- sponsoring high school tennis programs, donating equipment, re-surfacing courts -- that Angel says brings him the greatest joy.

"I like to help schools from the community," said Lopez. "Especially the ones I grew up in. I didn't start playing tennis until I was a senior in high school. Growing up in Logan Heights I didn't know what a tennis court was. Giving kids the opportunity to even try the sport makes it fun for me."

Montgomery, Lincoln, Calexico, Clairemont and Hoover high schools all have programs that have benefited from Lopez's desire to give back.

"Once you start playing, it’s fun," Lopez said. "Because all you need is a racquet and some shoes. It's like boxing with racquets. Once you try, it is hard to put the racquet down. "

The San Diego Tennis Hall of Fame inductee doesn't plan to put his racquet down anytime soon. Lopez believes you are only as good as your last lesson and he doesn't plan to give last lesson for a long time.

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