Possible measles patient admitted to La Mesa hospital

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SAN DIEGO – Health officials at Sharp Grossmont Hospital said the patient who caused quarantine due to measles-like symptoms likely does not have the illness.

The patient walked in to the emergency room around 9:30 a.m. and was immediately quarantined.

Hospital officials released this tweet; alerting the public that the ER was temporarily closed.


Thirty other people in the waiting room at the time were checked out by hospital staff and held for couple of hours.

"So you never know when a patient is going to come in and touch the walls, and windows,” said hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Jensen Chatfield. “So we immediately took all precaution to place that person into quarantine to be tested.”

Despite having an unconfirmed blood test, the individual was released around 2 p.m., and medical staff reported that a diagnosis of measles was ``unlikely,'' said Chatfield.

The sick person was described as a child in some reports, but Chatfield said she could not confirm the patient's age.

County Health officials said it could take days before test results come back.

If the test confirms the virus – the patient would only need to remain in quarantine until four days after the signature red rash.

“That means you are no longer contagious, it’s the people they exposed who starting at day four need to be isolated for up to 21 days,” said Dr. Eric McDonald with County Health.

The MMR vaccine for the measles is first given at 12-months and a second booster shot at age 4 or 5 but doctors say not everyone got the second dose as we saw  during the recent Disneyland outbreak.

Hospital officials said if people suspect they or their children have measles, they should stay home and contact their physician or public health officials at (866) 358-2966.

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