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Missing 12-year-old girl found safe

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. – A missing 12-year-old girl, who has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old and requires medication, was found safe Thursday morning, police said.

Raylee Annmarie Elder, 12,  was reported missing by her parents around 7 p.m. Wednesday.

She allegedly got into an argument with her stepfather while riding in a car near North Nutmeg Street and Sunset Heights Road in Escondido, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Her stepfather then kicked her out of the car and told her to walk home,

A deputy found Elder walking down a street at 3:20 a.m. She said she had gone to a friend’s house and left. She suffers from bipolar disorder and needs daily medication, her mother said.

Sheriff’s deputies then used search dogs, juvenile detectives, and an urban search and rescue team to hunt for the girl.


  • Daddy O

    She has this condition, but the Step father “kicked her out of the car”…..I hope he is being charged for child endangerment…..and losing his parental rights….

  • Don Sorensen

    What a horrible situation! And then to be further victimized by Fox 5. How does publishing such personal and potentially hurtful information about a young person help her? She will soon be a teenager, and I don’t know about you, but for me that was a very difficult time. You and the step father are at about the same level in my opinion. Shame on you!

    • Richard Todd

      Seriously Don, victimized? This news agency shared pertinent health information showing the seriousness of this poor girls situation, nothing more, nothing less. And here’s a newsflash for you, Don. Just about everybody in human history has to one degree or another, a difficult time while being a teenager. It’s obviously beyond time for you Don to ” Man Up” and move on. Don, get over it!

      • Don Sorensen

        It is unlikely that any of the personal information about this youngster other than her name, physical description and time and place of her disappearance was of any help in her recovery by the police. Your attempt to challenge my opinion by attacking me personally reveals only the weakness of your defense of the station.

        • snowfreeze

          Yes, they should have left the minor child’s name and picture out of it. There was no legitimate purpose for putting that in there… stupid and reckless “journalism”.

  • ron hendrix, phd

    Just a suggestion. Having worked with developmentally disabled folks for a number of years during my career, i sure would have liked to seen you refer to Elder as cognitively challenged and not define her by her mental years. As a young person with some aparent problems, I do hope she does not go on Facebook and see how she is being described to the community. It could humiliating and cause her to lose confidence and damage her self-worth.

  • Charles

    Disable or not, Lady you need to kick this guy to the curb and move on. He obviously don’t/didn’t love you because he would have excepted your child no matter what. and to put her out of the car knowing she had a disability is unexplainable and should not be accepted. DUMP HIM !!!!!!

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