GRAPHIC: Man loses half of skull to sinus infection

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**WARNING: Some images in this video are very disturbing**

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma man had to have half of his skull removed after an untreated sinus infection spread out of control, and the man’s family is blaming a local jail.

Sandy Valentine told KFOR-TV that her son, Robby, has been hospitalized for nearly three months and her family’s life has been changed forever.

“He can’t talk. He can’t walk. He can’t tell you how he feels,” Valentine said.

Robby’s infection began while he was in jail, his mother said. Because he didn’t get the treatment he needed, the infection spread. As a result, doctors had to remove almost half of his skull.

“He asked for medical attention, and they gave him ibuprofen,” Valentine said. “I knew he needed antibiotics. I knew he needed medical treatment, and he wasn’t getting it.”

Robby has a criminal record with multiple arrests, but family attorneys said his medical care is a civil rights issue, not a criminal matter.

“The county, the jail needs to provide (medical care). If that’s not happening, then it’s something that needs to be addressed,” the attorney said.

The family says it plans to file a lawsuit against the county and the jail.


    • Tazmogirl

      It shouldn’t matter if he was in jail or not he is still a human being and deserves to be treated as such. How would you feel if someone you loved was going through something like this? Some people go to jail for minor offenses and no one in this world is perfect and no one deserves to be treated like that and it’s not your job or mine to judge someone especially when you don’t know anything about their situation. God is the only one who has the right to judge anyone. Thoughts and prayers to this person and his family as well to those individuals out there who are too quick to judge others and have no understanding of what that family is going through.

    • Kevin

      Ron, if you were a Christian, you’d think “What would Jesus do?”, and then you’d know you’d help this sick man, because Jesus would’ve done the same. If you were not a Christian, but just a decent human being, you’d do the same thing; help this sick man. Obviously, based on your comment, you are neither of these. The man was in jail for a non-violent offense, petty theft. He didn’t deserve to be ignored.

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