Lance Armstrong hit parked cars, blamed girlfriend, cops say

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Anna Hansen and Lance Armstrong attend the Audi At Aspen Art Museum 2014 Artcrush Summer Benefit on Aug. 1, 2014, in Aspen. (Photo: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Aspen Art Museum)

ASPEN, Colo. — Former cyclist Lance Armstrong has been cited for hitting two parked vehicles in Aspen and fleeing the scene after his girlfriend initially said she had been the one behind the wheel, the Aspen Daily News reported.

Aspen Police responded Dec. 29 after a homeowner on West Francis Street in Aspen’s West End said he was the victim of a hit-and-run the night before, KDVR reported.

Anna Hansen, Armstrong’s girlfriend, told police she had been driving and told the homeowner she would pay for the damage.

She said she was driving because Armstrong — the seven-time Tour de France winner who was stripped of his crowns and later confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs after years of denial — had been drinking at a gala that night, the Daily News reported.

She said she lost control of the vehicle and struck the cars, then went around a corner and returned on foot to speak with the homeowner.

“A woman, well-dressed, 30ish, blond … came running around the corner in her high heels in 6 inches of packed snow, which was pretty impressive; she ran directly to us and said, ‘We’re so sorry, we came around the corner and slipped on the ice, and we hit your cars,” the homeowner recounted in a police report written by Aspen Police Det. Rick Magnuson. “She said, ‘I’m Anna, we’re the Armstrongs, my husband’s Lance, he was just driving too fast around the corner or something.’”

Hansen met the homeowner and Magnuson the next day, and she was cited for failing to report an accident and exceeding safe speed for conditions. But Magnuson was suspicious of Hansen’s story and told the Daily News he spoke with a valet at the gala at the St. Regis Aspen Resort.

“He told me that he assisted Hansen to the passenger side of the GMC, and Armstrong entered the driver’s side and drove away from the St. Regis,” Magnuson wrote in a police report, as quoted by the Daily News.

Hansen was interviewed by Magnuson on Dec. 31 at the Pitkin County Courthouse, where she admitted Armstrong was the one driving, the Daily News reported.

The tickets given to Hansen were transferred to Armstrong on Jan. 12. Hansen will not be charged with making a false report to police, the Daily News said.

The Daily News added that Armstrong, 43, has hired Denver attorney Pamela Mackey, who represented Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant when he was charged with sexual assault a decade ago.

Armstrong has a March 17 court appearance.

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