Airlines cancel over 6K flights, including some in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO -- A snowstorm in the Northeast prompted airlines to cancel around a dozen flights out of San Diego Tuesday.

Flights across a number of airlines to New York and New Jersey were cancelled.

Dubbed “Winter Storm Juno,'' the system brought some snow to the region on Monday and overnight into Tuesday. The National Weather Service predicted 1-3 feet of snow could fall in Boston and New York City, however, New York City missed the brunt of the storm, with areas in New London and New Haven Connecticut hit the hardest.

In San Diego, airport spokeswoman Rebecca Bloomfield said the weather in New England was having a ripple effect on airports around the country.

“Therefore, we encourage those traveling today to check with their airline before heading down to the airport,'' Bloomfield said. “Even if you're not traveling to a destination affected by bad weather, there is a chance that the crew or aircraft needed for your flight could be coming from an area that is affected.''

Flight status at Lindbergh Field is available online.

Travelers like Debra Sorenson took extra measures to ensure her travel day went smoothly despite the storm. She checked her flight status through her airline and arrived to the airport more than three hours before her departure. "I’ve been watching it all morning, just trying to make sure I don’t miss my flight." said Sorenson. The avid knitter brought her latest knitting project to help keep her busy while she waited to board. "My flight seems to be running on time. Traveling is stressful. I’ve got another 3 or 4 hours, of waiting, and can’t wait to get home." Sorenson said.

People driving to the airport to pick up arriving passengers should wait in the cell phone lot off North Harbor Drive, where they can wait up to an hour for free, she said. Flight information is available on displays in the parking lot, which also has restrooms and vending machines.

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