SeaWorld announces name of baby killer whale

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SeaWorld trainer watches the new baby killer whale swim alongside it's mother Kalia and grandmother Kasatka. (Credit: SeaWorld)

SAN DIEGO — A killer whale born at SeaWorld San Diego last month has been named Amaya, the park announced Friday.

Amaya, which means “night rain,” took more than half the votes among roughly 7,000 cast on Facebook, far more than Kissa or Nasia.

The orca was born Dec. 2 to mother Kalia at Shamu Stadium. She was the seventh successful killer whale birth in the park’s 50 years.

SeaWorld trainers and veterinarians report the calf continues to thrive and is bonding with her mother. The baby is nursing well, has been introduced to several other killer whales, and is becoming more independent and swimming on her own at times, according to SeaWorld.

This is the first baby for Kalia, who is the daughter of Kasatka, who has had a total of four calves of her own — Takara, Nakai, Kalia and Makani.

Guests can see Kalia and her daughter periodically at Shamu Stadium and at the underwater viewing area.


  • Amayah Davis

    That’s my name!!! But- mine has an h at the end haha!

    My mom thinks it’s a coincidence because I called seaworld on Monday about a stranded, sick, and malnourished sea lion and waited with the sea lion until the rescue crew arrived :)

  • Beth Watson

    Great news, another whale who will suffer. They failed to mention one whale, Corky, also had seven UNSUCCESSFUL pregnancies. Does that not speak volumes? Sea World have killed more whales than they’ve managed to raise but it’s funny how that’s never mentioned. Also, I wonder how long this particular mother will have with her calf until she’s taken away. This is a tragedy, not something to celebrate.

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