Special trolley celebrates Balboa Park centennial

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SAN DIEGO -- As part of the Balboa Park Centennial Celebration, the MTS unveiled a wrapped trolley car featuring several historic 1915 photos.

“It tells the story of not only Balboa Park itself but how Balboa Park is such an important part of the fabric of San Diego,” said Harry Mathis, chairman of MTS.

Councilman Todd Gloria presented the trolley Wednesday morning alongside Mathis. The joint partnership not only promotes the park’s big year but also symbolizes the history it shares with San Diego.

“Let's face it  -- the trolley has been associated with the park since it’s been a park,” Mathis said.

According to Balboa Park event organizers, the trolley is one of many celebrations planned for the year.

Coming soon is a maker’s fair, a large floral display in time for Mother’s Day and several new exhibitions slated to go up at the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Art.

“I’m biased but we think it's absolutely the jewel of the city … it's something that has something for everybody to do,” said Carol Chang, President of the Balboa Park Conservancy.

To close out the year, the group plans to organize a series of new December Nights events.

“And we will give a nod both to the future one hundred years and also to the zoo, which will be starting the celebration of its centennial in 2016,” said Chang.

The trolley will ride around San Diego interchangeably on all three MTS lines.