Military chopper crash-lands at Ramona Airport

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RAMONA, Calif. — Two California National Guard aviators suffered minor injuries Tuesday night when a military helicopter overturned while  landing at Ramona Airport.

The accident at the county-owned airport in the 2900 block of Montecito Road was reported shortly before 6 p.m., according to Cal Fire.

The two occupants were able to get out of the damaged UH-60 Black Hawk on their own and were being treated for superficial injuries, said Kendal Bortisser, a fire captain with the state agency.

We saw it coming in low and my kids ran out to wave to it. I thought it was odd that a military helicopter was flying so low and close to Mt Woodson,” JJ Sullivan posted on the Fox 5 Facebook page.

The crash happened during a routine training flight, according to California National Guard Capt. Will Martin. The cause of the crash was under investigation.


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  • wiseman

    Am a retired USAF aviator; is very possible that a mechanical problem caused this crash. Guard pilots are some of the best in the business because they usually have a great deal of experience. No likely pilot error. If a chopper losses power close to the round that is more dangerous than from a much higher altitude. The higher one is allows effective autorotation to a predictable location and the ability to avoid a severely hard landing like this one.

  • Retired Marine

    Most military pilots aren’t that experienced as the majority fly a minimum of hours to remain current. Also military pilots are supported by various support groups that further stymies their ability to gain any meaningful level of self sufficiency. Someone one else manages and performs the maintenance, another someone else decides where and when you go, and they even supply a redundant second pilot in case Lieutenant Community College forgets his left from his right.

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