Winners of 2015 Miss California USA pageant crowned

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Santa Anita Park Natasha Martinez (Miss California USA)

Santa Anita Park Natasha Martinez (Miss California USA)

LONG BEACH, Calif. – The 2015 Miss California USA officials named Natasha Martinez and Melanie Mitchell as the winners of their annual pageant Sunday night.

Martinez, who represented Santa Anita Park, won the Miss California USA title and will compete nationally for the title of Miss USA.

East Anaheim Hills Teen Melanie Mitchelle (Miss California USA)

East Anaheim Hills Teen Melanie Mitchelle (Miss California Teen USA)

Mitchell, of East Anaheim Hills, was named Miss California Teen USA during the weekend-long event.

The contestants were judged in three areas of competition including interview, swimsuit and evening gown. There was no talent portion.


2015 Miss California USA pageant preview


  • Payne-Taylor

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    • JT

      Yahoo isn’t designed for important news. You should know that. Yahoo is a publicly traded company that relies on clicks and advertisements. The junk that they report on gets them those clicks and advertisers.

          • Corbin Jewell

            Speaking about an ignorant post: He wasn’t complaining that it was reported. He was complaining about how high it trended on Yahoo. That has nothing to do with Fox.

        • Joe Prichard

          Our President has a very wealthy friend named Bill Gates…..I wish he would quit messing around with education stuff–he has no clue what he is doing….but…..he has scientists who could turn poop like you into drinking water……so…..cheers.

      • Payne-Taylor

        Yes, I am aware of Yahoo’s positioning and structure, but this is a glaring dichotomy by any standard, clicks, advertisers, and junk news notwithstanding. The company’s organizational and business rationale does not mitigate its overarching “watch the world burn while celebrity culture fiddles irrelevantly away” messaging.

    • Salty Dog

      Let us not forget who was not their. President Obama, I guess the football games he was watching were more important.

    • jason

      And yet you fell compelled to click on the article and then bitch about it. I watched the live feed yesterday, YESTERDAY, one more time YESTERDAY. Not today if you don’t think the article should be trending than click something else.

      • Payne-Taylor

        No wonder some people get the impression that all Americans are as dim-witted and obtuse as you make them seem.

    • Payne-Taylor

      The point is, nothing was about that, but WAS about things that don’t matter to most sentient beings. I mean, do you really think that Paris Hilton’s new doggy nanny should get the same coverage as millions taking to the streets to support the freedom we have to talk about that nonsense in the first place? What kind of hallucinogenic lemon are you sucking on?

    • Adolfo

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  • SpicsPanker

    Lord, Natasha is one ugly pig! Musta caught her face on the barbed wire when she swam across the Rio Grande!

  • Terry

    Get a clue people:
    1. This is a Fox news story
    2. Yahoo is not a REAL news organization (neither is Faux News)
    3. This is trending based on the American people doing searches for it and/or clicking on the links to it
    4. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Obama, everything to do with the stupidity and dead-headedness of the American people
    5. If you want a real change, stop voting for Republicans and Democrats – they are BOTH owned and operated by CORPORATIONS and BANKSTERS. One nor the other is going to make the world better, they’re going to give us the status quo which is a continued DECLINE OF AMERICA.


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