Baby severely burned in boiling apple cider spill

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A 1-year-old boy from Charlotte suffered extreme burns all over his body after boiling apple cider dumped on him.

Remy Linkous pulled a crock pot of hot apple cider off a kitchen counter on December 20, WSOC reported. The accident resulted in 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering his head, neck, shoulder, arms and legs.

The toddler was life-flighted to Baptist Hospital in Charlotte before getting transferred to Shriner’s Hospital in Chincinnati. He’s expected to stay for several more weeks.

Remy will require additional therapy, possible plastic surgery, and additional follow-up care for at least the next two years.


However, he’s now sitting up and smiling.

Donors have raised nearly $50,000 for Remy’s medical bills. His family continues to update his condition online.



    • HSC

      REALLY??? “HOW CARELESS”??? Have a heart. Accidents happen. I’m sure the parents of this baby are devastated. They need support. Not your negative heartless bull S**t reply. Grow up.

  • Lindy Farr Spinks

    Prayers for this sweet boy and his family. Proud wife of a Shriner (Yaarab – Atlanta) This is what we do best Shriners Hospitals for Children

  • HSC

    Prayers to this family. What a beautiful baby you have. He looks like a fighter and this will not keep him down. He will continue to grow into a handsome young man. <3

  • Tracey sanders

    PrayIng baby its not parent fault I see a lot of kids small that do things that you don’t think they can do so sorry honey they are so busy at this age I’m going through the nosy busy stage and sometimes we as parent don’t think I would have been a little more precautions but like I said sometimes we don’t think fast enough

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