Crews remove submerged car from bay

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SAN DIEGO -- Crews removed the car Friday that was driven into the bay near Fiesta Island early New Year's Day.

Authorities were notified by the vehicle’s registered owner just before 3 p.m. Thursday, approximately 12 hours after the incident occurred.

"He felt that our services were busy and did not want to encumber us with something else and he decided not to call," said Lt. Scott Wahl.

The owner of the car refused to speak with Fox 5, but told police he lost control of the vehicle driving on Fiesta Island New Year's night.

"He stated he misjudged the road," said Lt. Wahl.  "It  was something that just caught him completely by surprise, he’s not familiar with the area."

He drove the car straight into the water.

"He said he was able to roll the window down and get out of the car by himself," said Wahl.


No one was in the vehicle at the time.

The submerged vehicle was located by San Diego Police helicopter A.B.L.E. on the south side of the island.

Police said it's not likely the driver will face charges.

"As far as whether or not he’s been drinking, there’s no evidence of that at this time.  There is nothing we can do," said Lt. Wahl.  "There will be no criminal charges, we’re treating this as an accident."


  • Check out my mxtape

    Seriously though… Dude was turnt on New Years and drove into the water. He made his way out of the car all faded and was like fuck no ill sober up first. But suprisingly nothing happened since there where tecate boxes in the back…. Idk kinda funny. The officer in the interview sounds dumb af stumbling around with his wording because of how obvious and stupid it is.

    • Justin

      Given your sentence structure and spelling, passing judgment on the officer in the interview is a bit ironic. :)

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